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What business/shop could "Daily Delight" be?

Asked by rebbel (34470points) March 13th, 2013

Close to where I work there is a building which, in roughly a year, has housed three different kinds of businesses.
First it was a restaurant, then a couple of months later (and presumably after they found that it didn’t quite work out) they made it a take-away/caterer.
Today I saw an announcement on the window that “soon here will be a florist”.
Only thing that hasn’t changed so far (with every new business they start the owners redecorate/rebuild the premises) is the name of the shop.
On the shop window it reads: “Daily Delight”.
My question now is: Suppose this florist shop won’t succeed either, what business could they start next, holding their name “Daily Delight” in honor?
Or, what kind of businesses match with that name?

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That would make a good name for an adult/sex toy store.

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Pastry/coffee Shop? Because who wouldn’t want delicious pastries daily!

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smoke shop?

or, combined smoke shop + sex toy shop as @Adirondackwannabe suggested. The world is big and it has probably been done before already, but I’ve never heard of one yet!

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Massage therapy? Happy ending anyone?

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

@Earthgirl @bookish1 Nice to see I’m not the only jelly with my mind in the gutter.:)

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One would almost think that I made this up, what with ‘all’ the NSFW answers so far, but I will post a photo of the window (with the name) tomorrow, as proof :-)

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Ice cream shop.
my mind isn’t in the gutter

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@chyna That’s okay. We sodomites enjoy it. Gotta check that term.
Edit: I didn’t mean to paint the others like that. Just me.

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A gentle place to get an enema.

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@filmfann I really never found enemas to be a “delight”, lol. Have you?

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Candy shop.

@chyna we are on the same level, my friend :)

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@Adirondackwannabe : I can’t speak for @Earthgirl, but I am certain that I qualify as at least a couple species of sodomite…

@rebbel: That’s right… pics or it didn’t happen!

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When I was a kid, there was an ice cream shop in our town named Afternoon Delight, so that’s the first thing I thought of, too. It was around the same time this song (which is about a whole different kind of afternoon delight) was on the radio. I never did know which one came first!

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My first thought was a massage palour. Followed by a cake shop.

I hope you will let us know what opens next @rebbel.

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There’s a Thai restaurant near my work that offers “Hot Fisherman Dream” on the menu. Nobody’s had the nerve to order it.

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A newsagents and sweetie shop.

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@bookish1 – :) possibly, although I suspect it’s some kind of fish splattered in coconut milk. Who knows.

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I googled “Hot fisherman” and got this:

I’d order that. Without the fish.

Seriously though, I think it’s a good name for a coffee shop.

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As soon as I get the feeling that the flower shop doesn’t go well I will make a copy of this thread and shove it in their mailbox.
Good suggestions, y’all!
I’ll keep you posted, @Bellatrix):-

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