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How can I punish a grocer for selling outdated pork products?

Asked by David_Brown (13points) March 24th, 2013

On 3/16/13 I purchased a ham with a ‘sell-by’ date of 1 /29/13. Obviously, I did not see my error until 3/23/13 when I pulled it from my refrigerator for breakfast. The plastic packaging was swollen with air. I did not have my receipt because, come on, who saves grocery tags? Regardless, I took the ham back to this chain grocery store and asked for a new ham. The checker along with her colleague scoffed and said, “Impossible, you COULD NOT have bought this here last week.” This started me off on the wrong foot because, in essence, they were calling me a liar. I slowed my roll and calmly reassured her I had indeed purchased the ham. The cashier called the butcher and after explaining my situation to him the 2 of them scoffed and laughed as well. By now my blood is boiling. Keep this in mind, all I wanted was a new ham. I did not care for my money back….just give me a new ham!
At first they were going to give me a ham, but somewhere between the time they told me to go get a new ham and the time I got back to the register they had switched up and told me I was outta luck. Saying to me, “without a receipt we cannot do anything.” They asked me for the date, time, register #, and the name of the cashier. This was a week later. Like I am going to remember this information. The ham was only $10.27. I took the ham and left, vowing to get to the bottom of this injustice. Vowing to never shop at any of their stores.
Fortunately, I had used my debit card. Additionally, we had used the self check-out and as usually is the case with self-check outs, had a snafu during our transaction that caused us to remember the moment in time. With the help of my bank, they could tell me the exact moment the transaction occurred.
So now we had the date, time, register #, just no receipt.
We waited until the rude checker and her colleagues went home for the day and then returned to the store to ask for a copy of the receipt.
Viola’....they were able to retrieve it! There it was, in all it’s glory, a small piece of white paper chronicling our purchase of a hunk of PORK at least 6 weeks beyond the sell-by date. PROOF that I was not a liar. PROOF that this rude cashier could no longer scoff at, nor could she and her butcher buddy scorn with smug laughter.
This brings us to where I am currently. What can I do? One thing is certain now….I am going to be able to get a new ham. BIG SMILEY FACE! But I want to punish. Yes, this may seem juvenile, but at 51 I am only a few years beyond my teens so I feel like I can act juvenile. Certainly there must be an agency that can put a proverbial boot up the arse of these lucky grocers (hint, hint)
Please help!

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The best way to get back at them is to write a letter to your local newspaper and/or post on their Facebook page what has happened. No store wants this information publicized.

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If they have replaced the ham, there is not much you can do. Punish them by taking your custom elsewhere.

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Probably not what you want to hear, but be gracious and kind.

Just because they were porkholes (no offense to pigs!) doesn’t mean you have to become one, too. I know that sometimes it’s very satisfying to plot revenge, but somehow it’s always less than satisfying to exact revenge. At least that has been my experience.

Take the high road, and enjoy your ham! Nothing so good as a ham sammy with a great stoneground mustard. Living well is the best revenge, LOL!

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People make mistakes. We can only hope you hold yourself to the same high standards you expect from everyone else.

Tip: when you buy a food product that is cutting it close to the “gone by” date, put it in the frizzer or get after it that day and cook it. You sort of stepped on it there, sorry.

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You could picket the store with a sign that says, “Check the sell-by date on meat products in this store.” After walking back and forth for a few hours, your anger will probably be gone. Maybe the store will pay you to go away,
I like @janbb‘s reply too.

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“Punish?” That is silly.
You simply address the issue clearly and directly in a straightforward manner with the manager/owner.
“Your products have exceeded their expiration dates, and if I discover this to be an ongoing issue I will report you to the health department.”

Simple, then, you let it go, and stop shopping at this establishment. There is no need to “punish” anyone and it is not your job to be the pork police forever after.
Take the necessary actions if needed and then shop somewhere else.

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pork police- dayumm

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Spread the story around town.

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I had a few grocery stores where I live that had outdated items constantly. As I traveled the store I loaded up my cart with all the outdated mess and rolled it over to the manager. You could also snap a picture. I cared about the store getting their act together for the future more than anything. I did it more than once. I also wrote the customer service online through their website.

If you go back, I bet money they still have old stuff on the shelves, especially in the department you bought the outdated item in.

What store is it? Is it one of the big chains?

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You had the option of projectile vomiting and/or uncontrollable diarrhea from food poisoning right there in front of the meat counter. That would certainly punish someone!

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Punish someone making minimum wage because they insinuated you were a liar? How old were these cashier’s, did they look as if they had a ton of life experience or wisdom?

With such thin skin how in the world did you make it to 51?

Check yourself into anger management. Maybe you and your blood pressure will make it to 52.

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@Red_Turtle I second that emotion. I even got a scathing pm for my sharing. :-/

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LOL @Coloma. Same here. I actually laughed. He just proved our points. Our case is officially put to bed.

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^^^ Haha…well…guess he told us. Pffft!

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When in doubt; C4. – Jamie Hyneman.

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Personally, I like the quoate of…

but at 51 I am only a FEW years beyond my teens and so I feel like I can act juvenile

Since when has a “few years” become 35+? lol

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