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What's the best refill for a Big i Design TI pen?

Asked by gdiman (12points) April 3rd, 2013

I purchased a titanium pen from Big i Design when it was on Kickstarter and one of the main selling points is that it supports refills from many of the high end pen brands. There are too many options, however, and I was wondering if anyone had picked out a refill that they specifically like using with the Titanium Pen. I’m looking for something that writes smoothly and doesn’t require too much effort to put ink on the page.


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If I were you, buying a high-end pen and specifying my own refill / cartridge, I’d go for the space pen pressurized cartridge. Those things have been great. When I worked in the field it was pretty much all I ever used: writes on nearly anything, through water, grease and dirt and in any position. And I never had one leak on me, either.

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