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Why would a bruise appear after 5 days?

Asked by Crumpet (1805points) May 9th, 2013

5 days ago I had a go of a boxer arcade machine at a bar. (the type that measures how hard you punch it)
I don’t think I made a fist properly when I hit it, and I’ve been in in pain since.
I couldn’t use my hand for 2 days afterwards, but can use it now, although it is uncomfortable.

The thing is, it has only started to bruise today.

Is there any reason why it has taken 5 days for any bruising to appear?

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Bruising does take a while. What color is it today? Are you sure it wasn’t a bit yellow yesterday or the day before?

A bruise is caused by damage to small blood vessels that leak into an area and eventually collect enough to be visible through the skin. So it may take a while to be visible.

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Yeah, @zenvelo but FIVE days?

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I went to a concert Friday night – almost a week ago. Pushed my way through the mosh pit so I could get to the front. Got stomped pretty well. It was totally worth it.

Today’s the first day I can see the bruises on my ankles where someone’s Doc Martens caught me. I could feel the bruise the whole time, but today it’s actually black and blue.

I don’t think it’s at all unusual, but I don’t have a good reason why it sometimes happens that way.

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@Dutchess_III It’s a slow leak…

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5 days seems like a long time.

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It only started to appear yellow today, with a few greenish tinges.
It was swollen for the first few days, and I did put an ice pack on it.
I just thought it was a bit strange for the bruising to appear so late!

I’ll never punch one of those stupid arcade things again that’s for sure!

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Could you have re-injured it or bumped it against something in the last day or so? The blood vessels could have been injured but not broken and then if you bumped it even a little it could have done the next little injury to leak blood.

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You have a woman’s hand my lord, i’ll wager those hands have never been wedged betwixed the savage jaws of a hungry great white, bent on tearing those lily white pinkies from the bones…no…mine neither.

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