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Can using hand sanitizers prevent scabies?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46887points) June 8th, 2013

? Will hand sanitizers kill them or prevent them? I mean, if someone has scabies and they touch a baby will it pass it from their hand, just from a touch (like a germ)? I’m thinking it takes more than a touch…more like close exposure, skin to skin, just like you can’t get lice from a “touch”. But I could be wrong (for the first time EVER.)

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Scabies are cause by mites, not by bacteria or virus.It doesn’t lessen with hand washing, you must all use a special lotion to kill the mites. So hand sanitizer doesn’t help.

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It usually takes prolonged skin to skin contact to spread but if the person has crusted scabies it will spread with even the briefest touch.

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When someone has scabies, they really only have a few mites on them, but the mites burrow and travel all over.

Yes, sanitizer with alcohol can help, although anyone knowingly with scabies would not be around my baby.

The cream typically prescribed (Elimite) should be left on for 12 hours and then washed off. When a pharmacist friend of mine asked the patient how they were using it (after repeated refills) they said they left it on for an hour and washed it off. They added that they found another way to kill the mites and proceeded to tell her that they pick the bubble at the end of the track, spray the mite with Alcohol, and remove them with tweezers. Ew.

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I found this forum about scabies. There may be a bigger concern about them than you handling your baby, and that is the fact that they can spread onto furniture, and bedding and onto your clothing.

Be sure to wash your clothes separately from anyone elses clothing and wash in hot water or at least wash in vinegar. Till you are completely cured, I would avoid handling the baby or any of the childs belongings. It is better to be safe than sorry. I hope you have something that prevents your mattress from being infected. I know when my husband was in the military, there was a scabies infestation in the barracks. They all had to wipe down the whole room with watered down bleach and put their mattresses out in the sun and if they had somethings they could not bleach, then they had to bag it for 30 days. These mites still need oxygen and nutrients. It seems they do not do well in full sunlight.

When my husband came home from deployment a week later, I boiled everything he had and he had to sleep on the couch (which I covered with plastic) for a week longer till there was no proof he was free from scabies.

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I don’t have scabies, @Pandora. I’ve just noticed a recent trend in Scabie Fear, used in conjunction with “That’s why I use hand sanitizers.”
I didn’t think hand sanitizers would do that much if a person has scabies.
I’ve dealt with lice in the past, and it’s the same thing….wash, wash, wash. But you also use a pesticide to get rid of them, not a hand sanitizer.

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There are some soaps that can kill off scabies on contact. (As in hands).

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They have pesticides in them @LornaLove?

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