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Sigh.. Will my leg heal?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) April 15th, 2008 from iPhone

so friday night I drank way to much and we were leaving a club. Now there is an upper and lower parkin lot with a wall dividing them. From the upper parking lot the wall rises about two feet from the pavement but on the other side is the seven foot drop to the lower parking lot. Well I was socializing and my friends were in the car and called my phone telling me to hurry. So I run over to the wall and throw myself over it thinking its only about three feet. Well I landed but the pavemt was wet from rain and I fell on my side and then just kinda laid there thinking what an ass I was. My friends thought it was funny and so did I once I realized I only scraped up my elbow and no one saw. However the next day I could barely walk and its now Tuesday four days later and I feel better but the muscles by my right hip and inner thigh are really soar and I have to help myself move my right leg alot. I can’t move as I normally would but I do think its getting better. No bruising or cuts just soar and the muscles r tight? Think I’ll be fine by Saturday? Also what do u think I did to it?

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If you can put weight on it, it’s probably not broken. Sounds most likely to be sprained muscles, but there could be a fracture (I walked around on a fractured foot for 12 hours once)
If you think it’s more than muscle, get it checked out – the sooner the better!

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From a nonprofessional standpoint, but also from a guy who has had many injuries, broken bones, etc..I think the fact that you feel better is great. Usually for me the next day (after the injury) hurts bad and gets worse for one more day. It seems to take me 3–4 days to even start feeling better. However, if it doesn’t get better soon get it looked at.
When I was in college I broke my right hand and didn’t know if for a week. I waited tables and everything. I was fine but it probably would have healed better otherwise.

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nah I can walk on it now. I limp a little but mostly not to strain it. I just have to use my left side first for everything. If I sit I lean to the left it lay side ways in bed I can’t use my muscles near my right hip to position myself I have to use my arms and left leg to get how I want to lay. Its hard to describe. The hardest part is putting my socks and shoes on. I can bend my leg up fine I can’t bend down though or pull my shoe on andpush my foot into the shoe cause it hurts to much and feels like I’d pull something. Such a dumb ass I am. But overall I wish I could have watched myself do it. I’m sure it was hysterical LOL

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ouch; just reading that makes me hurt,I would get it checked out they could wrap something around it and you might get some pain killers out of it.

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I totally just remembered something. YOU HAVE GET THIS STUFF:

Arnica Montana [Boiron brand]

It’s homeopathic medicine that you ingest. Don’t ask me how it works but it’s perfect for you. Trust me, I’ve crashed on my road bike many times and this stuff saved me.

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well I hate vicadin they make me feel like throwing up and get hot flashes ha plus I am actually one of those anti medicine people yet I’ll drink and smoke so what sense that makes I dunno but I dont have medical insurance so that is last resort heh

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Me too. This stuff is not a pain remedy. It heals you. How, ?.

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@peedub well the homeopathic part is nice but the only review says not I
pressed haha and by the time I got it I think I’d be healed or at a hospital. I’m suppose to go to NYC this week end and I’d love to have a working leg so crossing my fingers LOL. Can’t dance with the way I am now.

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maybe I’ll get it just for the next time I do something stupid like this. Its cheap enough too.

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Go to a health food store. It’s really easy to find. Whole Foods has it.

Yeah, buy a few while you’re at it. Drinking is a rough sport.

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cool I’ll check it out tomarrow there is one right by where I work. Thanks :)

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No prob. I swear by it. It will even take a black eye go away faster. It works best with recent trauma.

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@peedub, my wife swears by arnica. She’s a walking homeopathic medicine cabinet.

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Your probably lucky that you were drunk when you fell. If you had been sober your injury might have been worse.

You might have a more serious injury if your dealing with a torn muscle or if you have damaged a ligament. I think you should go see a doctor but I understand the no insurance thing. Maybe wait another 24 hours & if you still can’t move that hip area then go to a clinic or urgent care.

BTW – Arnica is the bomb!!!! It’s awesome for bruises & sore muscles!!!

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@birdleg- some of my girl friends are like shamans. I just listen to whatever they say.

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@peedub, that’s an excellent way to look at it.

Speaking of shamans, I can’t help think about the WoW commercial with William Shatner, and the King of the Hill episode in which Bobby proclaims, “I’m a shaman.”

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Yes, your leg will heal, and the more you stay off it, the better. Eat as much healthy food as you can, more fruit, more vegetables, less meat; drink plenty of water – stay away from alcohol – and follow the directions of your doctor.

No, you will not be fine by Saturday. This type of injury takes a couple of weeks to overcome.

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