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What are your favorite make out positions?

Asked by laughingfeather (4points) June 8th, 2013

Really, I’d just like to know any positions to make out and tease each other that are a must for you. Or, if it’s not just the position itself, is it how you got there? Tell me about it.

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Clothed? Her sitting on a counter in the kitchen, me standing, her knees along my side, me kissing her and able to hug and pet her.

Naked? on the bed, both of us facing each other on our sides.

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I wear glasses and only hook-up with fellow speck nerds. So we just bang glasses until our optometrists have orgasms. Then we do the tilted head thing.

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It turns me on when he cups my face with his hands before he kisses me. It makes me feel wanted.

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@jonsblond Exactly 35,000 lurve! Congrats!

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Cozied up on the couch. Comfortable so you can keep going without your neck feeling achey!

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My beloved is 64 and I am 59 with chronic pain from a car crash 9 years ago. We still love to cuddle and kiss in any position that is comfortable for our aged and broken bodies. There are wonderful acrobatic positions that we have had to give up on but after 11 years together, the passion is still powerful and we love each other more all the time. I wish you all the same with your partners.

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I like to insert my penis into her vagina & jiggle about the place until such time a spunk-gush erupts forth from my thrusting loins.

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I like making out lying down, one on top of the other. I also like straddling him if he’s sitting down. The first position described by @zenvelo is nice also.

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@laughingfeather Welcome to Fluther. Great question. For the preliminaries, sitting side by side on a couch (memories of days long past on the back seat of my car at the drive in movie). When things really get hot, then my favorite spot is in the bed with my face between her thighs or if she rolls over, her cheeks.

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