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Why does asparagus make your pee smell dreadful?

Asked by cage (3114points) June 17th, 2008

^^^ ? Weird thing eh!?...

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I think it’s because of the breakdown of the chemicals in the asparagus as it’s digested.

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yeah but its not all people, its a genetic thing or something if u have a certain enzyme or something like that

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@waterskier2007 – REALLY?!??! lol thats amusing. wonder what the proportions of people who it does and doesn’t effect are…

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ahhhh, ok. answered my own question since I find that answer by waterskier2007 interesting. turns out it it IS due to the breakdown – therefore great answer hahmoore), it happens within 15 to 30 minutes of ingestion (amazingly fast!) and its not a certain amount of people who it effects, its a certain amount of people who are actually able to SMELL it!!! (around 40%) even weirder eh!

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@cage : “its a certain amount of people who are actually able to SMELL it!!! ” REALLY? that is even weirder to me! Now I want to know if I can smell it. hah!

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lol. Go and eat some asparagus then! and pee your brains out! (that sounds dreadful)

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I think I have got to be immune to the smell, because I’ve honestly never noticed it being THAT bad. Can a person be a “little bit” immune to the smell?

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I wouldn’t have thought so. Genetic stuff like that is usually like you do or you don’t. and trust me. It is possibly the worst smell ever (well… not really) but you would know if you smelt it!

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I guess my thinking I’ve smelled it a little bit is maybe psychosomatic.

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It’s an atrocious odor – I always think I’m ill and then I remember that I ate asparagus…..

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This is such a funny question to me. I never realized that asparagus made my pee smell until my boyfriend pointed it out to me. He learned it from an episode of Family Guy.

@syz…I concur!

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@thetypicalusername that’ll be because you can’t smell it then! interesting!

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Funny. I have always heard about this, but I have never noticed it. I believe it though. I wonder if I am one of “those” who just can’t smell it???

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damn that stinks!
what does?
my asparagus pee :)

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