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Who Fluthers at Work?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) June 17th, 2008

I am right now. Just because I’m on hold with HP tech support.

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I’m fluthering at work.

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um, I do

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**raises hand**

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I spent 2 and a half hour on tech support with dell this morning.
I’m working as an intern with IT.

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I do, I do!

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That’s how I came across Fluther! I was on break, bored out of my mind, and just browsing the web apps on my iPod Touch. And then I came across this little gem.

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‘Fraid so.

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I Fluther when I should be writing. My boss (me) disapproves, but so far has not been effective at changing my habits.

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i do, keeps me relaxed

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I Fluther at my job…being a stay at home mommy. My five yr. old son is threatening to turn off the computer if I don’t get off of Fluther…

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I eat at work. I chat at work. I pee at work. Once I even had sex at work. So, yes, I do Fluther at work. It’s a happy part of the daily grind.

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I’m at work right now…

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Everyday. All the students in the college that I work in are all off for the summer so I have plenty of time on my hands to fluther.

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@sueanne, in the printer room?

i fluther at work if i can find the time…which i can hardly do

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Do all the time. :)

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I fluther at school, at work, at home, on the beach, in the park, in the car…

Mostly at home though. I don’t use the computer at work very often.

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@sueanne—no pun intended, I’m sure.

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No way. Nails don’t drive themselves. I probably would if i had an iphone though. At least check my lurve.

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I think the question should have been: Who doesn’t fluther at work? because I believe everybody fluthers at work. Once you get hooked in Fluther, is worst than cocaine addiction, you got to have your daily dose and then more. Once you feel the infusion reaching into your veins, it feels great…you have once more become a regular and contributed to the Fluther community.

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@Marina I bet it feels great to have that kind of control at work…....your boss hasn’t been able to change your Flutering habit! man!!! what a job you got

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I am fluthering at work right now! lol.

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I’m at work now as well.

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If you do this at home, then you really nee to get out more often.

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I think perhaps you should get out a bit more often and learn some social skills. Amazing how you just arrived on the site and immediately alienated the entire crew here. Well done.

Now, if you have nothing to contribute of value then maybe you should find something else to do.

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If it were possible I would. But I work at Mcdonalds. =] Great to be 17.

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I do, I do, I do!

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Dude I’m and I work at IT, I just realized that’s not normal.

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count me in… but I also sometimes work while at home, therefore it equalizes.

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I do. I had to, shall we say, “gently alter” our firewall to let me in. Being the IT guy has it’s perks!

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