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Would Treyvor Martin have really wanted Zimmerman dead-?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28962points) July 10th, 2013

Watching the Zimmerman trial on and off. Seems Zimmerman’s argument is his life was threatened so he shot Martin. But it’s clear that Martin felt threatened first and Zimmerman was on to him at the start.

To be fair, Zimmerman felt Martin was a threat to the residents, otherwise he would not have followed him. As to who first confronted whom and who punched first, I don’t know but since Zimmerman claims his life was threatened instead of saying he was losing a fight, one that which would not have happened if he stayed put as instructed, what would stop me from thinking that Martin also felt his life was threatened-? And he had the right to beat him up to the point of unconsciousness, especially if Martin saw he had a gun.

Watching the proceedings on and off so I don’t know whether this was brought up. I don’t know Martin but I’m guessing it’s highly unlikely he went out to buy snacks, felt threatened and decided he wanted to kill Zimmerman. Knock him out sure.

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To me, the whole thing would never have happened if Zimmerman just stayed in his car as instructed by 911. I’m sure Martin was not thinking twice about Zimmerman, the way Zimmerman apparently was about Martin, until confronted on the street.

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I am still unsure who confronted whom.

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They obviously both felt threatened. The question running through my mind is if Zimmerman really wanted Martin dead, don’t you think he wouldn’t have alerted 911 before he shot him? Why call 911 when you are about to kill someone?

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@rojo: Zimmerman was in a car, Martin was on foot. Zimmerman got out of his car to go over to Martin.

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It’s difficult to make a case that Zimmerman wanted Trayvon dead, which is why it’s unlikely he’ll be convicted of 2nd degree murder. Hopefully manslaughter with some serious jail time so he’ll think twice about being such a cowboy.

What is clear is that he wanted Trayvon out of his neighborhood. But that wasn’t his call to make since the kid was doing nothing wrong and was returning to his Fathers house (in THAT neighborhood).

If he had stayed in his car nobody would have been dead or even injured since its clear that Trayvon didn’t physically drag him out from behind the wheel.

Zimmerman needs more than just a slap on the wrist and I hope he gets it. I also hope that this costs him a small fortune in legal bills.

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