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What has your kid done lately that made you say - "Yup, that's my kid?"?

Asked by janbb (62797points) July 18th, 2013

Talking to my son last night about a place in San Francisco and he said, “It would be very BARTable” just as I was about to say, “Would it be more BARTable?” I was struck by his use of verbification and wordplay that were exactly similar to mine. Wondering if any of you notice verbal tics or mannerisms in your kids that identify them as yours.

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I don’t have any kids, but my brother and I share a lot of traits. I was helping one of his kids fill out a FASFA and as I started writing stuff out she laughed and said “He writes just like Daddy.” We both have lousy handwriting. Or as my stepfather says, You plant a potato you get a potato.

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When my daughter was here recently for a visit, we watched Jeopardy! together and shouted out the same answers to the same questions. We were also perplexed by the same questions.

On a different note, she made this recently for a friend’s wedding, making me wonder whether she was actually my kid. (The perspective hides the three-layers artfully attached to each other.)

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@gailcalled Oh my! Gorgeous!

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@gailcalled That is beautiful. You can get a glimpse of the layers on the left side. There’s so much going on there, but it stops short of being too busy. You should be so proud.

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It’s 10:30 PM and I hear sounds from my toddler’s room. Instead of sleeping, she’s playing. My husband and I are both natural night owls and I can tell she is one too.

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My hubby really loves the Canadian tv series Trailer Park Boys – and every time we (frequently) observe our children displaying characteristics that are clearly from us we use a quote from Trailer Park Boys: “The sh*t apple don’t fall far from the sh*t tree.” or “A sh*t leopard can’t change it’s spots.”
I think @Adirondackwannabe‘s stepfather says it a lot nicer, but we say it nearly daily. ;)

Here’s the latest instance. Both hubby in I work in sales-y professions. Our 9 yr. old youngest son has some order of magnitude more charm & sales skill than I’ve ever seen in either hubby or myself. Little son is a born peace-maker, charmer, Eddie Haskell and salesman all rolled into one.

Last night we went couch shopping at a large furniture store. While most kids would be running around, eating the free cookies or bouncing on the display furniture, our son carefully followed us, listened to the couches we each liked and once the sales person starting talking to us son took over the negotiations. Not with the salesperson, per se, instead he took over her job selling us the couches. He showed us all the fabric samples, worked on getting consensus between all the family members on which fabric texture, color and sectional configuration to was amazing.
At first the sales woman tried to redirect and take back control of the conversation—but after a while she stepped back and let him run the show. Part way through she shook her head in amazement and said: “Wow, is he ever a good salesman!”

Hubby and I made eye contact and said telepathically: “That’s our little sh*t apple.”

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When I heard him tell his son “God Punishes”.

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Our kindergarten grandson scored higher than 95% of the entire nation on his math and reading tests. He definitely takes after Granma and Granpa

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Pointing to my stomach, the 4 year old told 3 complete strangers at the bus stop “she has a baby inside her” and walked off. Because he has no filter and gives no fucks.

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