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What factors are taken into account when pricing "work" done on the human body as it pertains to healthcare?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) July 18th, 2013

Why does going to the hospital feel like forced shopping?

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Factors that are taken into account include the pay of the people who are employed at the facility where the “work” is being performed, the cost of the equipment being used, the cost of running the facility itself (electric, water/sewer, taxes, upkeep, loan payments, et al), the costs of the medications used, the costs of the tests, insurance, attorneys on retainers, bookkeepers, accountants, maintenance workers, etc.

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Lest we forget the costs of trying to collect payments from the non pays. That has to figure into their costing too.

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The quantity of billable items is more important than the quality of services. Hospital Corporations must generate increasing profit so stock value increases.

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+ insurance.

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These days, the only limits on cost are imposed by insurance companies. I’ve read articles concerning the price for various services, like fixing a broken leg or hernia repairs. It appears that there can be thousands of dollar differences between bills from hospital and doctors only city blocks apart. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason for charging customers. The only people that see the ridiculous charges are the uninsured. Insurance companies and Medicare will not allow unreasonable costs and individuals, unless they are rich, will never win against for profit hospitals and doctor services.

When you are sick enough to be hospitalized, you aren’t in a position to hospital shop. Of course you might die from shock when you see the bill.

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