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Have any cute ideas for a Facebook surname to protect my daughter's anonymity?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) July 19th, 2013

I’m considering setting up a FB account for my daughter, so she can keep in contact with several friends who have moved away.

I don’t want to broadcast her real last name, and am trying to think of a cool/funny last name for her to use.

Example: Her BFF is “Mary Themuffin Man.”

She wouldn’t want anything too girly, like bubbles, candycane, gumdrop, etc…

Can you jellies help me think of something?

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Something connected to her fave sport or hobby? Any interests that could help create a name?

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Well, she loves playing Black Ops, volleyball, swimming, Minecraft, loves cats… When it comes to movies and TV shows/characters, her tastes are all over the place, so I can’t pinpoint anything there. She watches everything from Disney to Stephen King.

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How old is she? I think that would help as well.

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Ask her, she probably will come up with something you never would have thought of. Just let her know that you have veto power over whatever she picks.

If she picks it then she owns it, and can’t use it against you later.

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Feline Friend, Black Opsie, Kittyhawk?

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From Stephen King to Disney psycho beauty?

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I think the two of you should choose the name, that is, let her think up the names and you have veto power, Choosing the name is part of the fun of having the account.

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Strawberry. Pistachio. Cookiedough.

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@Sunny2 I was actually kind of hoping to surprise her with an account, since she’s been bugging me for a while and I keep saying no.

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@WillWorkForChocolate can you ask her to come up with names and make her believe it is for a different project?

Or sit her down with you as you are creating the page. It is nice that you want to surprise her, but a Facebook name is the first reflection of her that someone sees, and she should be included in the creation. My dad had the habit of filling out applications for me and sending them in without me knowing what was in them, I hated that.

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Goofy Cylone. If you give her anything cute she may feel it is obnoxious and her friends may think so too. Plus it may attract unwanted male attention or make it so girls will make fun of her.
Example, if it has the word Princess in it, then other little girls will think she is full of herself.
It could also bring random pervert to look her up.

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Bathory or Medusa? ;-p

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Is Sparkles too girly? I think it’s great! Am I too girly?

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Carmen? Dogkiss? Aisha?

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@WillWorkForChocolate An announcement will still be a surprise. Then the two of you can share the actual doing of it, including choosing of a name.
My parents would get dogs for us kids, but they always appeared with names my parents had made up. The dogs always felt like my parents’ dogs, not mine or my brothers, but we still had to help care for them. And I still think it was a poor choice on my parents’ part.

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@filmfann Yes the name and you are too girly.

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You didn’t respond to the question of how old your daughter is. If you are thinking of monitoring how she uses it, then she’s too young to have it.

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I totally agree with @WestRiverrat. It’s kind of difficult to undo or redo Facebook name changes… she should be able to choose her own identity. Maybe she has already decided on one.

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@Sunny2 She’s 12, if you must know, and it’s my choice about whether or not she should have an account. I haven’t decided this frivolously. She has several friends who have moved out of state, but they have facebook accounts (that are also monitored by their parents) and it would be a great way for her to talk to them. Plus, she would only be allowed to friend family and close friends of hers.

And even if she were 15, which is two years over the minimum facebook age, I’d still occasionally check in on her activity because I’m a careful parent. Frankly, if there were more parents like me, there’d be less kids getting into trouble online.

You can’t simply say ” If you are thinking of monitoring how she uses it, then she’s too young to have it.” That’s BS. The minimum age to join Fluther is 13. You think parents shouldn’t be monitoring their kids’ activity here? With all the adult conversations that go on, especially all the NSFW questions that are just short of written porn?

Just because a kid is the required age to join a website doesn’t mean their activity shouldn’t be monitored.

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Mini me, because she really is a little version of you.!

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@chyna Haha, yes and oh lordy, how that terrifies me and makes me proud at the same time! Oi vey, that kid!

I’ve talked to her this evening, about fun names to use when she gets an account, and we’ve been tossing names back and forth, and cracking each other up. We haven’t thought of just the right one yet. :( Mini Me is cute, though. I’ll have to ask her about that one. She definitely wants to use her real first name, just a fun last name to go with it or possibly a middle and last name, like her BFF does.

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CCbit, cause she is a chip off the old block.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I apologize if I offended you. I would not let a 12 year old use Facebook under any circumstance. But you’re right it’s your choice.

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I think it’s a good idea to let her choose the name. There’s nothing wrong with asking for suggestions, but don’t surprise her with an account that is already made for her. Have fun with each other coming up with silly names. :)

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@Sunny2 I guess I don’t see much difference between being 12 or 13, especially when it comes to her, because she’s always been a bit of an old soul, like me. She’s got far more common sense than most of her school peers, and prefers her older friends to her younger ones. Not because they’re older so that makes them sooooo cool, but because she identifies with their intelligence and way of thinking. She feels most of her same-aged classmates are immature and silly.

She has also made decisions on her own to remove others’ posts on her Instagram account “because they were inappropriate.” Her words, not mine. That’s one of the reasons I’ve decided it’s okay for her to have a FB account, so long as she follows my rules and doesn’t get into a “how many random friends can I get” war. After being on Instagram for a while, she already thinks that girls posting provocative pictures, and people posting their phone numbers saying, “text me” are really stupid. She’s got more sense than some 30 year olds I see on FB.

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I agreee you should let her pick the name, but you could maybe make a nice gift card with “IOU one facebook account” or something like that as a surprise. Then you and she can sit down together to do the account-creation process.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I hope it all works out as well as you expect it to. There’s no reason it shouldn’t. She sounds like a fine young lady.

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