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Jeep Wrangler Owners: Do you wave to other Jeep Wrangler drivers?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) June 19th, 2008

if you have a wrangler, do you do the whole, wave to other owners thing

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Yeah! Everyone does that. ~

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ehhh, i wish everyone did, but i pass plenty of drivers that dont

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Why wave? For a lift because your crappy vehicle broke down (again)?


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haha, nice one. mine has 175,000 miles and still running great

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yeah, it’s like some secret society or something. i had friend in college that drove a Jeep waved at other Jeep owners

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that’s typical with any car lover that drives the same vehicle.

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@ninja, i didnt know it was common with other drivers, i have only seen jeep drivers do it, but maybe thats just cus i drive a jeep

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Not so much, but I live in the middle of nowhere and I would have to be constantly waving since everyone has a jeep to haul their stuff.

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I wave to other owners of the Ford Focus Wagon. We are a truly dissonant gang. Don’t mess with us or we’ll slash your tires and pour sugar in your gas tank.

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I drive an acura integra that’s customized and I get honks, thumbs up and whistles.

We are a tight community with different online forums that we are apart of.

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my family used to have a vw camper/bus. we would do the whole wave/honk thing, but i’m not sure if it was because we liked the vehicles or because it was pretty rare to see another.

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I wave a copy of Consumer Reports.

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I just got a Mini Cooper and most of us wave. My beau says some other GTI drivers wave. He also rides a Harley, and says he gets tired of waving… There are many motorcycles on the road this time of year!!

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Don’t forget, on a boat, everyone waves to everyone else.

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@kevbo, its good to see that jeep has 3 of those worst cars

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A friend of mine has owned Wranglers. On her most recent one (a 2007 maybe) the entire driver door lock mechanism fell inside the door. Doesn’t bode well.

In fairness, Consumer Reports also states that nothing handles off road conditions like a Wrangler.

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Never get waves in my Jeep Liberty, but when I’m in the Pontiac Solstice the other Solstice owners do wave or reconize each other with nothing more than a lift a finger off the top of the steering wheel.

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@kevbo, yeah i know that is true about the offroad. i drive a 2 door wrangler and it handles great offroad, not so good at high speeds, like the highway. but my parents won a new 2008 jeep wrangler sahara 4-door, and it handles like a dream on road but i have never taken it offroad… yet

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side note: my parents live in the country and we would always wave to other traffic (cars, trucks, farm equipment, amish…). now when i go back to visit, no one waves.

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