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Are webcams wonderful? Intrusive? Weird?

Asked by Whattodo (101points) June 20th, 2008

And what’s a way to say “no” to someone who wants to connect with you that way?

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“I’m flattered, perhaps even curious, but no”.

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i like webcams, i can show what i look liek, what weird stuff i have in my room, but when i just want to say no, i just say “i haven’t had a time to shave, maybe next time ;)”

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tell them that they will have to fork up the money for the plane ticket if they want to stalk you like a real stalker.

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you can also turn on the cam, then scare them of with the “helicopter”

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should there be a link in there someplace describing the helicopter?

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wow…I wish I had deciphered NSFW before I clicked on that. Now I know. Just in case someone else didn’t get the acronym…it stands for Not Safe For Work.


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Webcams are awesome for Skype – I much prefer talking face to face over video than just on the phone, because you can read the other person a lot better.

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really, you prefer to let folks see you? If I’m skyping with my mum or something, I’d rather she didn’t see me, because I’ll usually be doing something else at the same time (fluthering, drawing, doodling, googling, reading emails, etc.)......if you’re on cam, you can’t really get away with that.

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If anyone ever wants to see me on web cam I just tell them I don’t have one. I do but it’s not plugged in I don’t quite see the point really. I’m just like wildflower I can’t spend constant attention to a stupid web cam. Although this may begin to sound weird when I’m on a PC I can do what I want, if I have I really scratchy nose I can sit there and scratch it or if I have a twitch I can pull a funny face to get rid of it. Sometimes I feel quite tired and will just sit there with my eyes closed. I’d rather people not see into my wonderful world when I sit at a PC. Wait, who would want to watch me type anyway? And pull faces in this case. Eh. Don’t like them :(

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I like them. I use mine to keep in touch with family and friends far away. I get to see my niece and nephews. I also get to see friends who live in Hawaii. My daughter is pen pal friends with theirs and keep in touch that way,

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i skype my fiancee with a webcam almost every day (indianpolis to seattle) and i’ll put in a good word for webcams in general! last summer, we could only talk on the phone and now we get to see each other. it makes things a thousand times better!

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I somewhat dislike them. I particularly dislike being expected to be willing to use one.

I tend to say, “I’d rather not” or “I’d be happy to talk to you in person but I don’t really feel like using a web cam.”

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its good for communication with people you haven’t seen in a very long time.

I do it with a very good friend if mine.
We make funny faces at each other.

I’m here, she’s there. Webcams are the closest interaction we have had in months without flying to each other.

We are so goofy like that.

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