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How much do wwe wrestlers make?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) September 3rd, 2013

For the first time in years I was watching WWE wrestling. My brother in law and I were talking about the drama backstabbing and dirty tricks involved.

I mentioned I preferred UFC fighting because it really was more about the skill involved.

Then something about how he wouldnt want to be at any Christmas work parties etc.

So then I figured the draw to it must be about pay and benefits. I realize each person probably gets a different deal and that probably varies from year to year. But considering the short careers, some life long injuries and how awful a place it must be to go work for the draw has to be money.

I quickly googled it but didn’t find any numbers just that there are bonuses for some and that they are all different.

Does anyone know a little more about the subject?

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Quite a lot. Here’s a list.

I also feel like I need to add something. You know it’s all fake, right? No one is beating the shit out of anyone with a stick or a chair. It’s just entertainment (hence the E in WWE). The storylines are fake. Triple H isn’t really getting Daniel Bryan mutilated by The Shield every week, and he’s not really firing anyone that doesn’t do what he says. It’s all an act, just like any other show. It’s nothing like UFC. It does take talent to do what they do. Obviously acting skills are not required for the job, though. I thought it was quite clear that it was fake.

I’m sure they don’t always get along swimmingly (just like any other job), but what goes on behind the scenes is very different than what’s happening on TV. Hell, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton probably had dinner together after Monday night Raw. Triple H and Stephanie probably joked around with The Big Show backstage because he’s had to cry on the last three episodes and, boy, it’s strange to see a 7 ft. 500 lb. guy sob because his friend got beat up. Cody Rhodes probably went home to his fiancĂ© and talked about how much he was looking forward to their extra long honeymoon now that he’s been “fired.”

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Yeah I know its fake to a degree but still don’t people get hurt on occasion? Thanks for the list.

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Psst…their names are fake too :D

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@Unbroken Hurt physically? Of course. They really are jumping off ropes and being thrown out of the ring. Injuries happen. But otherwise hurt? No. It’s just a show – it’s their job.

@ucme Really? I thought Big Show was his real name.~

I think it’s interesting, though, that they sometimes use their real names on screen now. Back in the day, they never broke character. Now, wrestlers will call Triple H Paul (his real name) instead of Hunter (his character’s name). Monday night, Triple H called Big Show Paul as well, which is also his real name. Just something I thought was interesting. This is almost always with the guys that have been around for years. Fandango will probably never be called anything else.

They know everyone knows it’s fake, so they try to bring their real lives into the show so people might actually believe it’s real drama, I think. Like Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s marriage, or bringing up that Big Show is broke because he made bad decisions financially, which he did. I’m certain Big Show allowed that to be put on air, but thats’s just one of the ways the show is slowly changing.

I think this whole Daniel Bryan thing is building up to some type of push against bullying. Same with Ryback “beating up” backstage crew members. Just a guess, though.

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@livelaughlove21 Yeah, it was loaded with sarcasm, being kind of blatantly obvious.
Seemed funny to me that you’d list all kinds of reasons why it’s faked & yet leave their ring names in there, that’s all.

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@ucme If I used their real names, no one would know who the hell I was talking about. Paul Levesque, who?

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Of course not, didn’t stop it from amusing me though.
No biggie, just a little chuckle.

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Thanks for the plethora of random facts. Glad u like it @livelaughlove21.

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@Unbroken No problem. I used to be really into it from the ages of 13–16. Now my husband watches it, so that means I do as well.

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WWE wrestlers wages reflect how “over” they are with the fans, media and the company. What I mean by “over” is pretty much how popular they are for i.e. for a guy like The Rock, he is “way over” with the fans, he’s an established superstar in his own right, coupled with his success with movies that are outside the wrestling genre, his wage or how much they would pay him for an appearance would equal the amount they would pay CM Punk contract wise over a course of a year due to CM Punk not being as recognized in comparison to The Rock. (Just providing an example)
I loved WWE or I should say the WWF (that’s how I remember them, aware that they altered their name) loved their product, it’s funny how age alters how you view things, I’m not as in tuned with it the way I used to be but I do have a level of respect for it despite it being called “fake”.

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