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Am I right or wrong?

Asked by Amo101 (148points) September 21st, 2013

So my parents give my sister some money to hold for an emergency like to pay my half of the rent and for food and so on. So I recently saw my sister using the money for nonsense like buying new shoes and she already have a lot and for house hold stuff and food for her best friend who has his own money and can buy it from his self. One day I decided to check how much money was left back and I noticed she spend over 500 EUR in less than a week or two. I got a letter the next day and my sister and I had an argument cause she was suppose to get 50 EUR from me from that letter so I told her I am not opening it now and she get on about how she isn’t going to help me no more and so on, but she never really did help me with anything I would have to beg her to help. So now she isn’t talking to me cause I took the money and bank it not only cause she is spending it badly but also because I need medicine to and if there is no money I can’t get my medicine. She is almost twenty years old and is getting money but can’t seem to help no one but herself.

Am I wrong for taking the money, do I talk back or leave her alone?

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It’s not clear at all from your question where you got this money from, or why your sister feels entitled to it. Who gave you the money, and was any of it supposed to go to your sister?

If you only tell us half the story, we can’t know how to answer your question. But it sounds a little bit like you should be giving her some money, and are trying to use her behaviour to justify not giving it to her.

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Tell your parents how your sister is using the money that she is supposed to be saving to help you. If they don’t want to send the money to you directly, have them set up an arrangement with someone that you can trust.

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I hope I understand you correctly; your writing is hard to understand.
Your sister is disrespecting your parents, but she never had any obligation to give the money to you. It sounds like your parents only suggested that she should help you with your rent. If you owed her 50 EUR, however, that’s a separate story. I can’t elaborate on that because you have not provided enough description of the altercation.

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How old are you”
Where are you living and with whom?
Why is your sister holding the purse strings rather than your parents?
Why can’t you contact your parents for emergency funds?
What country are you living in? (Clearly one that uses Euros)
Is English your native tongue?

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I will try to translate:

1) (Presumably) older sister received money from parents in case @Amo101 ran into a problem and didn’t have enough money to pay for his/her share of the rent, food, and medicine.

2) Sister took @Amo101 backup money and bought shoes (and she has a lot already), food and things for her boy friend (possibly boyfriend), even though this friend has his own money.

3) Total amount spent in a week from @Amo101 backup fund: $676 US

4) A letter came in and sister claims that somewhere in the letter it says @Amo101 owes said sister 50 EU ($67 US)

5) @Amo101 refused to pay and took the remainder of the backup money and put it in his/her own bank.

6) Sister is almost 20 years old and should know better.

If that’s what actually happened, then I’d say @Amo101 absolutely did the correct thing as long as he/she is responsible with the money in a way the sister obviously isn’t. I also would contact the parents and tell them what sister did so that if a situation arises where the remainder of the money isn’t enough, they won’t be totally surprised.

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@mrentropy; You are paraphrasing, which doesn’t actually clarify anything and doesn’t answer any of my questions.

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No, it’s just slightly more readable. As I am not a mind reader, it’s the best I can do. Until the OP comes back and fills in more blanks, though, my answer stands.

For all I know, either they are both in some kind of boarding school or the parents are off on holiday leaving the sister in charge. Either way, with the information given, she doesn’t seem to be financially responsible.

Should the OP return and clarify things then I might change my mind.

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@mrentropy did a decent job of making what the OP wrote a bit clearer. Thank you, @mrentropy.

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@jca i concur with you, @mrentropy you did us and the OP a great a huge favour. Its now understandable, and i do agree with your answer totally, the sister is very irresponsible financially.
And the OP should go on and discuss the matter with his/her parents as silence will only worsen the situation the next time the money is sent again to her (the irresponsible one)...she will inflict more harm in retaliation to your action (banking).
Involving your parents MAY help her realise her mistake and change. Good luck.

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