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What could be wrong with this kitten?

Asked by 717richboy (234points) October 5th, 2013

We take care of these stray cats around my house and one of them just had a litter of 5 kittens, and right now they will be six weeks old on Sunday. One of them isn’t doing so well, she’s the smallest of the litter and the skinniest, and her mother no longer wants to nurse. We introduced the kittens to solid foods, but the ill kitten refuses to eat and only wants to nurse from her mother. Perhaps her mother is rejecting her because she senses that something is wrong with her, I don’t really know. Anyway, the kitten’s private area is enlarged and swollen and she hasn’t been using the bathroom well so it’s been kind of dripping. Flies keep pestering her and we tried washing out the larvae they lay in her crouch area but there’s still tons more of them. We plan on getting her a bottle from the local grocery store to nurse her back to health. Do you have any idea at all what could be wrong with her?? And before you all recommend a vet, we simply can’t afford it. I am already paying off a bill from another kitten we had treated a few weeks back, so veterinary care isn’t an option. All of the local shelters and rescues are filled to capacity. We are basically her only hope, and at this point, we just want to make her comfortable and ensure she doesn’t die alone. Ideas on home remedies that would help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sent to our resident vet for a response.

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@janbb Thank you, I great appreciate it

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I know you can get replacement formula from a vet, but it’s expensive. I also remember finding a recipe to make my own and it worked when I had orphan kittens. I’ll hunt around and see if I can find it. Since the mother won’t feed the kitten anymore, why don’t you bring it into your house? There shouldn’t be as many flies there.

Also, be SURE to disinfect your hands EVERY TIME you handle this animal, or better yet, wear protective gloves. It’s very sick.

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If it’s sx weeks old I wonder if it would be safe to give it human baby formula? Waiting for the resident vet to tell us.

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@Judi No. I asked my vet at the time.

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@snowberry She’s in the house now, I put her in my cat’s old kennel. Right now she’s resting. And I’ll await the recipe, thank you so much. Even if I could afford the expensive formula at the local vet’s, they close at 5, so it’s too late.

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Until then, give her sterilized water through an eye dropper. She probably has a fever, and will dehydrate quickly.

To use an eyedropper, fill it with the syringe bulb, then fit it between her cheek and gums. Gently tilt her head back and squeeze the bulb a bit. Wait for her to swallow, and do it again and again. A teaspoon every few minutes will help a lot.

snowberry's avatar Here are many recipes from what appears to be an animal hospital. I’m surprised at the variety of recipes. The one I used had few ingredients but I do remember it said egg yolk, canned milk and I think liquid vitamins for cats. I was instructed to very carefully separate the yolk from the film that encloses it, and use ONLY the yolk. Let us know how it goes. I hope our resident vet shows up soon.

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This is odd. As I read through it, it says not to use cow’s milk, and yet several of the recipes call for it. I don’t understand. Oh well. You could search for other recipes too and see what you get.

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If the choice is to give cows milk or let the baby die a painful death I would take a chance on the cows milk.

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Her condition is quickly deteriorating. Whatever is leaking from her bowels is a dark brown color and it has a fowl odor. I think she is basically rotting from the inside. As soon as we try to bring her outside and put her near her mother, flies immediately swarm her, as if they smell death.

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poor baby.

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I know it’s not the kitten’s stool. but diarrhea is the closest thing I can compare it to.

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Looks like she won’t make it. I’m sorry. I lost one out of 5, but it was because the person who had them first tried to feed them solid food at 2 weeks. It plugged the poor things right up and one died.

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Thank you for all of your help. This is very sad and upsetting, but I thank you all for taking the time out to offer your support. I’m going to say that she only has a few hours left.

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This kitten needs medical attention. You can TRY a kitten milk replacement like KMR but cows milk is most likely going to destroy her already compromised system.
She may have Coccidiosis which is an intestinal parasite that causes weight loss and diarrhea. Without medication it can be fatal. It is easily treated with fairly inexpensive medication.

It is not contagious to humans, and is species specific, meaning the variations of the parasite attack certain species specifically.
Her genitals are inflamed and raw and possibly ulcerated from the condition.
I am not a vet but this is certainly a possibility.
Yes, poor little thing. :-(

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Please post an update. Thank you.

The Update lady

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Sorry about the delay in updating you all. The poor kitten passed away a few hours after I made this post. Not sure what was wrong with her exactly, but I am grateful that neither of her brothers contracted it. Thank you all for your help and concern.

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