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Who loves The Walking Dead?

Asked by Katniss (6646points) October 21st, 2013 from iPhone

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

Who do you love? Darrell and Michonne
Who do you hate? The Governor
Who do you miss? Andrea, T-Dawg, and Merle
Even though he was an asshole, he cracked me up

I’m dying to know if any other Jellies are as addicted as I am! This has got to be the best television show ever!!

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Sorry. Living in the land of no cable, I never heard of it.

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Zombies. Meh.

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Never heard of it.

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I’ve heard the Dalai Lama is quite fond of it.

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I watched the 1st season or so on Netflix and liked it, but now, I have been too busy to watch much of anything. I really want to see more Dexter seasons, I love that series best!

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I started it, but quit. After all, aside from side stories, the tension will always be “OMG, zombies!”.

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I’m feeling so alone here! lol

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I’m fanatical about TWD. I’ve read the entire comic series (thus far), and each TV episode is “appointment television” for me.

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As a fan of the actual zombie genre before American basic cable got ahold of it, I think the show sucks.

The first season consisted of me sitting back on the couch rattling off names of movies they ripped scenes from.

The second season was frustrating. By the third episode, I no longer gave a flaming crap about any of the characters. Even Darryl amounts to a two-dimensional whinebag. How long can you wait for something to actually HAPPEN? Also, the “Hey, we’re going to have a ridiculously long, pointless conversation while the viewers watch the zombies get closer right behind us while we’re supposed to have a posted sentry and yet we still don’t notice” was stupid the first time they did it.

I’m due to get the third season from the library soon. I’ll probably watch it, and continue to ridicule it, just like I do Sons of Anarchy and just about any other impossibly formulaic cable drama.

The basic deal is this: The WHOLE point of the Zombie film is to see the downfall of humanity at the hands of the cursed. To see how the struggle changes people and who will be the few who make it. The guy woke up on the first episode, and the world had already fallen. The show was over before it started. The characters are in “waiting to die” mode. Blah.

I’ve seen exactly two films, both based on books, that did “waiting to die” in a beautiful, gripping way. The Road and The Children of Men. Neither was a zombie movie.

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I watch this – but I do so with full knowledge that the show is what happens when bad – I mean, really bad – writers are given jobs. As much as I loathe the “It is what it is” saying, I think this applies here. It’s an awful show, and I try to enjoy it for what it is.

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I think it’s just okay. I don’t set my calendar to a reminder but I do catch reruns sometimes.

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I loved the first season, and they had some pretty neat ideas, and good tension. But incidentally, this is about he characters more than the zombies. And I understand that, not much to do with zombies really, and even the most classic zombie movies have character progression and spotlight. But I personally think The Walking Dead quickly forgot how to incorporate the zombies into everything. :/ But you know, I’ll still stick with it. :)

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I watch it… I happened into it near the end of the first season and surprised myself by getting hooked. I also watch Talking Dead after.

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I love it! This season has been really intense so far, though…I could hardly watch last night!

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I love fluther so much more for this thread. I always catch flak for seeing Walking Dead as pretty meh and generic while everyone around me seems to be obsessed with it.

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I watched the first season in the company of friends. It was ok. I wasn’t in love but it was tolerable.

I then watched an episode with a friend on his 70 inch tv. I saw how bad the make up was and then there seemed to be no redeeming characteristics to it all.

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@uberbatman Haha, I was madly obsessed with it at first. Although I’ve been told season 4 is actually pretty cool. I don’t have cable, I buy the episodes off the PlayStation Network, so I have to wait a bit. lame

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I’m happy to see a couple other fanatics. :0)
I will admit I thought there would be a few more.
I’m trying to get my son to watch it, he just doesn’t seem very interested.

@Symbeline You could stream season 4. It’s free and you don’t have to wait.

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@Symbeline I tried to give the show a chance, I really did, I watched the first two seasons but it really wasn’t doing anything for me. Just seems like a lot of the same shit happens every episode and as @Seek_Kolinahr pointed out, in pretty much all the other zombie movies.

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@Katniss Yeah there’s a few places where I’m thinking of looking at, but otherwise I don’t mind paying two bucks an episode…it’s the waiting that pretty much sucks. But there’s only two episodes that aired so far I think, so…

@uberbatman Yeah, but personally I don’t expect, nor want, anything too new in my zombie material. My main beef with this is that the zombies are like outsiders, rather than the main problem.

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I have a shirt that says “If Daryl dies, we riot.” Daryl Dixon = Way too much sexy.
I haven’t seen the last few episodes of the 3rd season, or any of the 4th yet, so I didn’t read anything in here in case of spoilers.

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Daryl is sexy? I’ll never understand women…I’d a thought Rick would be the heart throb, not that greasy hick Daryl.

<Spoilers ahead>

I like the show, more or less. Some episodes are slow, but some have a fair amount of action. I hate that Andrea has been killed off already. I thought that was a huge mistake. She’s still alive in the comic, which is way way ahead of the show in terms of story progression.

@Symbeline Remember I tried to get you to read the comic years ago, before it was ever a tv show?

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I think it’s the crossbow. And he’s a badass.

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@AshLeigh Where did u get that shirt???? I must have one!

@FutureMemory I’m with @AshLeigh on this one. lol There’s something about that guy that is sexy as hell. I agree with you about Andrea. I cried!

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@AshLeigh Just for you and me
Because Mmmmmmmmmm!!

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@FutureMemory Haha yeah I remember. And now they have drawn comics that are based on the show…which was based on the graphic novels.

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So Andrea, T-Dawg, and Merle are out?
Thanks for letting me know ;-)
(I am in the season where they found the walkers in Hershel’s barn).....

I only like(d) Merle by the way; the main character and his copper ‘friend’ not, his wife and their son neither, the beardie guy not…....
Why am I bothering to watch it in the first place….

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D’oh! Sorry @rebbel :0(

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It’s on Amizon, @Katniss! :) Here!

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I’m not one to give up easily, and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m thrilled it was just renewed for a 5th season. I love how this current season has evolved.

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I started watching it and although I watch like a dozen of different TV series at a time, I wasn’t too excited about the Walking dead to be honest

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I need to vent! Did anybody watch last night’s episode??

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wtf Carol? I think there is going to be a bunch of unhappy people when Rick returns.

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@jonsblond Right?? Who in the hell is Rick to tell her that she can’t come back to the prison?
As far as I’m concerned, she did them all a service by killing those 2 sick people.
I cannot wait to see how Daryl responds to this. He’s going to flip out!
And did Daryl have a “moment” with Michonne? Not sure how I feel about that. I love them separately, but not as a couple.

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^ Are there any zombies in this season, or is it all soap opera bullshit?

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^ There are zombies this season. Not as many as I’d like, but zombies nonetheless. lol
There is also a fair amount of drama. But best of all, there is Daryl Dixon!

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Who loved “Shaun of the Dead”? The best scene in the movie – Shaun’s walking the streets of his now-zombified neighborhood, but his neighbors had always been boring, plus Shaun’s very hung over, so he doesn’t notice anything amiss. Classic!

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I loved Shaun of the Dead!

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Shaun of the Dead was incredible. ^_^
“Just look at the face! It’s vacant, with a bit of sadness, like a drunk who’s lost a bet!”

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@Seek_Kolinahr There are a lot of walkers this season. There is also a new threat for everyone in the prison. A deadly flu is killing those inside and they turn to walkers.

There was an interview with one of the writers or producers of the show and he mentioned that viewers would see an increase in walkers this season. I wish I could find the interview, but I can’t remember where I read it.

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