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How do you regain your concentration ?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12952points) October 30th, 2013

I love playing Chess, but lately can’t seem to concentrate on the game wether it’s against the computer or a person, so what do you do to help your concentration?

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Sometimes I require a change of pace to renew my mind.

Perhaps you could benefit from listening to music or visiting a friend or physical exertion.

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Maybe you are a bit disorganized with your life or could be either something on your mind.Just get lots of rest,clean up your diet,remove all sugar carbs, caffeine etc. Practicing Meditation or Yoga would be really helpful.

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If you’re a typical user of digital technology, that takes a heavy toll on concentration. You get used to having your attention divided between the world right in front of you and the world that you access through your devices. Even as you’re engaged in some activity in the “here and now”, you’re wondering what’s going on your digitally extended world.

And if you’re a typical user of digital technology, you’ll be in denial of how much your attention is divided. It’s when you’re called on to hold your attention still for prolonged periods—like in chess—that you notice the problem.

This appears to be the new normal. Culturally, I see no hope of reversing that trend. Individually, it’s a matter both of exercising purposeful executive control over what your attention is doing (as in meditation), and keeping your digital life retrained.

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Thanks for all the answers.

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Hi Squeeky! Good to see you again. Hey that Askville huh? I leave town for a week, come back and its disappeared off the face of the earth. So, concentration. You know there are supplements that help with that:

There is a website called Luminosity that I like. They are games you play that increase your focus and concentration among other things. You might want to check it out.

My usual thing is to advise meditation, tai chi, yoga or some other form of present moment exercise, but I’m really thinking Luminosity might help.

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@Skylight Thanks I will check Luminosity and see if that helps.

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What I do in chess is to play randomly and then struggle to catch up and I have a good reason to try harder. Also I have a good meal before the game so my brain doesn’t run out of fuel.

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