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What is the "Google barge?"?

Asked by gary4books (315points) October 31st, 2013

You think it is a floating WiFi center to take to DC or New York to demonstrate high bandwith Google Glas devices? Or what?

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They are calling it an offshore data center; I’m not sure that anyone except Eric Schmidt really knows what they are planning to use it for.

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Google is increasing production and sales of the consumer version of Glass, which will be broadly available next year, and they say that they want to sell Glass in an unusual and personalized way — and with a nice view. Some reports state that the barge could be a floating store to sell Google Glass, the Internet-connected eye wear.

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(I tried out Google Glass when I was in SF last summer.)

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Could be a set-up like offshore pirate radio stations. Buy stuff outside the limits and don’t pay taxes.

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I think it’s just a data center with a very large supply of water for cooling.

Boring answer, I know, sorry

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We got to wait and see on this one. But I do like the answers. Cooling was very creative. I was thinking a local WiFi spot to enable some super band with features.

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