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How do you melt colors on a photo print?

Asked by JessK (599points) November 11th, 2013

If you haven’t seen it, Nick Knight did an amazing series where he used chemicals, heat, and water to make the colors on his prints drip and warp like this I’ve looked everywhere to find his exact process, as well as sent an email, but I was wondering if any of you knew how I could achieve the same effect.

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You can do that while the print is still wet, and spray with a solvent to make the ink run. I don;t know which solvent, you’ll have to experiment a bit.

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I doubt the artist would so casually disclose a technique that he’s taken years to perfect. The collection took six years to create.

That being said, he probably applied high heat to the photo emulsion before it fully developed.
I’d experiment with different solvents like zenvelo mentioned.

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To do it on a print would be difficult, like Nimis said – Years -, Now if that was a digital image, it could be done [ very carefully ] using morphing. . .There are several programs out there. To do the job in the example, I am sure it would take the most expensive program. . . ..

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If its being done in a darkroom I would expect its just a trick with developer solution that you could discover by learning how to develop film the right way. .With software, there are many programs and options for distorting images. I like the example you posted though. That seems more organic and artistic than what most software is capable of.

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I don’t know but that’s pretty cool… hope you find out how to do it x

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