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Are you more sarcastic, abrupt, irreverant, terse on fluther than you are in the "real world"?

Asked by tinyfaery (42908points) June 25th, 2008

The question is pretty self-explanatory. In person I am quite sarcastic, and can, at times, offend others—but only when I want to? How about you?

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No, I think I’m pretty much the same.

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Me too. Why would I change?

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I’m me wherever I am!

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I spell check my snark here.

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I can be caustic in my wit, although I try to be careful never to hurt someone deliberately or just to score verbal points.

I express myself on Fluther, but I am always cognizant that none of the in-person softeners (body language, facial expression) are present. Sometimes things come across in writing stronger than they would when said.

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I may be little more confrontational here, as in willing to disagree, but I’m less likely to use sarcasm here, just because there’s such a risk of having it misinterpreted.

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Just little ol’ me.
When I type in something like dances a little jig
You can’t see me dancing it…But I am.
All real, all nerdy, all pontificating, yet self-deprecating.
blows a raspberry

I really blew one

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Just been told multiple times I’m mental in the fluther chat room, but I usually reflect my personality quite well on here I think. Thing is, I don’t think there are that many people who think I’m mental in real life!

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Sadly I think I am pretty much the same here. If i had a better imagination, I would try to be someone else. that would be fun. Like maybe I could pretend I am a stripper for a living… I try to be less sarcastic here just because some people are sensitive and its harder to let them know you were just kidding

PS – i agree about cage being mental.

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PnL: that’s not too difficult, just add “stripper” to your profile’s expertise list.

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You posted the same name over and over again.


Apparently this was a joke that I didn’t know about. I had just logged in and didn’t know the back story. So I kicked you.

And then you started posted pictures of ball sacks. I wouldn’t normally care about stuff like that but somebody could be at work or have their kid sitting on their lap. Nudity in the chat room is not cool with me. We have a separate room for that stuff. If you wanna post your junk ask for a link to the room.

And nobody ever uses that room so your balls will dissipate into cyberspace without anyone ever noticing.

The adult room was fun while it lasted.

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certainly not.

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Everytime I head in there, it’s empty. Last time, I posted the word “Hello!” and I swear it echoed.
Would have been nice to have the company of a few ball sacks, at the very least.~

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It wavers. Sometimes it is busy and it is usually dead. This is why using a tabbed browser helps. I leave it open in a tab and it notifies me of new comments.

If you use a Mac there is a better option called Pyro that uses Growl to send notifications of activity. It will even show how many new messages in your dock.

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@JP the adult room sounds like fun! Reopen it and let the darker side of fluther be revealed!

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Mmmuuuuaaaaahhhhhh ha ha ha!

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what i say is more thought out here.

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@uberbatman That’s scary!~

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You mean this isn’t the real world? You mean Babo isn’t real? Astro Chuck isn’t a little kid with a HUGE brain? I have to go off and think about this.

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No, I am what I am. I’ve made an effort to keep it real on the interwebs.

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@PupnTaco Attribution, please. That was a quote from Popeye, the Sailor Man. :)

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actually, no, Marina, Popeye said: “I YAM”

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@Seesul Stop making fun of the sailor man’s accent!

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@marina: “I YAM” is what was written in the sailor man’s speak bubble. I’m pretty sure.

@marina #2: get him to give the attribution for the remark
about the interwebs. I bet it’s presidential.

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Here with you jellies I can be stupider – unless some young person, or Gail (with regard to Milo) is in trouble.
Then I’m very sincere.

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Quite the opposite in my case. I don’t have to think as much about the words I use when I know I can accompany them with facial expressions and gestures. On here, all you have is words and attempts at conveying tone, but that’s a bit hit and miss.

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I am less caustic, irreverant, abrupt and terse here than I am in real life. So you can guess what sort of an unholy and unruly asshole my real friends and relatives have to put up with. But then, a smile goes a long way towards diffusing hurt feelings. I’m not trying to be mean; I’m trying to be funny, but sometimes it comes out wrong.

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