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Is this acceptable fluthering?

Asked by critter1982 (4120points) February 4th, 2009

There was recently a question posted “Who wants to have some sex?”.

The first comment was from dynamicduo stating that he had some this morning and it was quick.

My question is, is it acceptable to sarcastically, poke fun of people on fluther that you don’t really know or have had few discussions with (with only the intention of being funny and witty)? My initial instinct was to make some sort of sarcastic comment towards the answer but I wasn’t sure how it would be received. Obviously out in the real world you need to be cautious about pissing people off, and having fun at their expense, but I feel like here at fluther even though I don’t personally know any of you and have had long discussions with only a few of you, that it’s more of a friendly atmosphere where people wouldn’t get pissed at quick little jabs? Am I right or do I need to curb my initial thoughts and not take sarcastic jabs at people?

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I think you’re right to a certain extent. There will be people out there who might get offended and there’s people who won’t and actually laugh with you. Sometimes you can tell by the way people answer questions on here whether or not they’ll be able to take a joke or not. I would just be a little cautious.

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yeah the subject matter was risqué and there are other places dedicated to the subject of that thread though you may have to pay to join

Personally I was not offended.

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someone wanted to get frisky?! where was i…?

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I’m always up for a good jabbing.

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First off, I’m a girl. I mean, it says it right there in my profile for just this reason (assumptions). Not sure if that would have made your jab more or less impactful. By the way, I’d love to know what the jab was, you can private message me if you don’t feel like sharing with everyone else :)

The question was a bit jokey, and in jokey questions, jabs are generally accepted more than they are in serious questions. Same with homework threads, if it’s obvious that someone is fishing for homework answers, people tend to be a bit more snide and unhelpful, especially when the person has just joined to ask that question.

But in serious threads, a sarcastic jab really doesn’t further the discussion. If anything, I’ve seen more conversations derailed thanks to snarky jabs and dinky comments than I’ve seen conversations improved by them. And if the jab is really hurtful, well then I would hope you wouldn’t share those at anytime, lest you accept that you may be jabbed back plenty of times over.

I rarely use sarcasm online. It just doesn’t work. Sarcasm is a verbal- and cultural-based thing that doesn’t translate well to the written word. Plus, whenever I get the desire to write a sarcastic jab, I take a step back and evaluate whether my comment will really add any value to the discussion. Often, it doesn’t, so I don’t post.

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Well the whole girl thing really makes my jab distasteful. I apologize, I didn’t realize you were a girl. Regarding “jab-backs”, I would assume and hope to be jabbed back, honestly that’s my type of humor. Anybody who can deliver a low blow should be able to take one as well.
Thanks for everyones feedback.

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I’m not gonna dissolve into a mess of tears no matter how distasteful it is. I love a good penis joke :D Now I’m super curious! You can’t not tell me, I’ll go crazy! :)

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My thought is that until a serious attempt to answer a serious question has been made, any joking, teasing or correction of the question is in bad form if it doesn’t at least have an answer in there.

I think it says something about the person when they chime in to correct something and don’t even answer. It says “I’m an ass.”

But if the question is like the one you listed then I am with dynamicduo and would take liberties and joke as well. Especially if that was all it said. They set them selves up for interpretation.

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I would definately consider this question as one meant in fun. And my answer to it would have been “count me in! I’m always ready for a roll.” WOOF!

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I’ve been reprimanded on several occasions for being a snarky dick and for making personal jabs.

I think some people are just too sensitive.

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I didn’t answer the original sex question that this question was based on and that might be for the better. I was going to go full XXX on Fluther and give everyone every detail from this morning’s roll in the hay.

I’m not sure how this answer will be received so I’ll just go ahead right now and call myself a pig.

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Well, I just ignore those posts. I am only 14 so I say that it is immature. Whatever.
Mods, don’t you dare say it is a personal attack

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relax, kid…

…tone and context, not easily read by some, leads to this happening most of the time.

I say if you leave yourself open to ribbing, then be prepared to take it (okay two double entendres for you, & that means I’m now a willing participant)...

And ultimately it’s also dependent on how fast you assimilate the culture or subculture in an online community.

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I think the problem, or the thing to remember so it isn’t a problem, is that you can’t tell what someone’s tone or intent really is. All you have is the text they use. Some phrases carry instant meaning from real world conversation. Even then they may mean the same thing to 250 of us but mean something different to one of us.

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