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Why does my cat pee on me and growl at me when i pick her up?

Asked by kitty6969 (4points) December 6th, 2013

i pick her up she growls and pisses on me alot like everyday.

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How old is your cat?

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Urinary incontinence?

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What is her back story? For most any guesses that needs to be told.

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You have not given enough details, so it would be better to get her straight to a vet, any change in behaviour in an animal isnt a good sign normally. It may be that she’s in pain.

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Definitely how old is she?

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If it is, in fact, your cat: try to get a urine sample. Put a plastic bag on her litter box then pour the urine into a container and take that to your vet. She probably has a urinary tract infection.

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Yes, need more back story.

Was she semi-feral at one time?
Do you tease her and mistreat her, rough house her against her will?
Is this behavior new, just started recently?
She may be sick, UTI as mentioned above.

Is she eating and drinking normally, using her litter box a lot more lately?
Questions, questions….

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Seriously? Obviously you need to take your cat to a vet!!!!!

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If this is how she’s always behaved, then she’s just communicating her dislike of living in the land of giants and having a giant pick her up and move her where she didn’t decide on her own to go. Imagine if you lived in a land of giants. If you were by nature an independent, somewhat set-in-your ways person and some giant decided you were “their little person” and started garbing you and carrying you around when you had no urge to be grabbed and carried; and you couldn’t get your dislike of this behavior across to the giant verbally, you might growl and piss on them too. Cats aren’t doting dummies like dogs. They are often very independent spirits, willing to coexist with humans and affectionate only when you win their affection. To win it, you have to get inside their head and figure out how they like to be treated, then treat them that way to show them you care about their feelings.

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