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Is it wise to quit a job if you don't even have an offer letter?

Asked by chelle21689 (6866points) December 11th, 2013

I’m very new to this so sorry if I’m asking a bunch of work related questions. They expect me to start January 6th if all goes well with my background, drug, and TB test (which it should). Results will be next week.

I would have started earlier if it weren’t for all the holidays coming up. But anyways, should I tell my internship NOW? This gives me about 3 weeks until starting. I don’t have an OFFER LETTER though or any contracts with my signature for the new organization I’m going to be with =\

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I would wait although since you are doing an unpaid internship, you could tell them informally that this is likely to occur. On the other hand, you could wait until next week since there are three weeks left.

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But shouldn’t I be signing contracts and looking over some paperwork for me?

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Wait until next week. There’s no need for a three week notice at an internship like yours and by then you’ll have your results. Then give your two week notice once you know everything came out fine.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve had a new job so I don’t know. I would think you could tell them once you’ve gotten the word that your background check etc. is all cleared and you are definitely hired. I think official paper work might actually be done in HR on you first day.

What kind of relationship do you now have with your supervisors? Do you feel comfortable telling them that this is likely to happen.

But I agree with @livelaughlove21 – you can certainly wait until next week.

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Supervisor is my internship. I’ve only been there two months which ends next month. I guess she would understand, I mean unpaid internship part time or full time job? lol

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I’d wait.

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Make sure that the new job knows that you expect an offer letter in writing before you give notice to your current position. That is not standard for all offers to be in writing.

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Do not quit until you have the signed contract in your hand.
It could fall through at any moment before that.

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I wouldn’t quit unless you can afford to be out of work for an extended period.

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@Pooh54 Her current position is an unpaid internship.

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@chelle21689 Here’s a thought. Can you call your new employer and ask them what you can expect in terms of a written offer. You can tell HR that you are trying to figure out when and if to give notice to your internship employers.

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Am I the only one that’s never gotten a written offer from a job before? I’ve had quite a few jobs, and a phone call is all I’ve ever gotten.

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I’ve never gotten one.

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I’ve never gotten one either, but when I started this job 7 years ago and the pay was not what I was offered over the phone, I promised myself that I would get offers in writing in the future.

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