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Should I take Tylenol for a fever or let it do its thing?

Asked by JoshLowensohn (44points) June 27th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve got a 100 degree fever. Should I take it down with some Tylenol or let it burn away my cold?

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if I were you, I would take Tylenol, fill up bottles with lukewarm water, put them next to my bed and go to sleep (drinking the water as many times as needed). Let your immune system work out the rest. If you start to really burn up later, using a towel dipped in cold water on your body can help. But it shouldn’t get to that stage if you rest and take care of yourself. Of course, I am not a doctor and that’s why I told you what I would do in the situation.

PS – resting includes getting off the computer/iphone.

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Take some minor medication, Tylenol included. But don’t go too far with it. Take a couple Tylenol a day, but let the fever cool off on its own after that.

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Right on, thanks much. Tylenol it is.

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You are running a fever because it is your body’s way of fighting some type of infection, so unless it lasts too long, or runs too high, you should let nature take it’s course.

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@scamp, I have to disagree. Nature’s course in the case of fever could lead to brain damage or death. Medicate!

Thoughts, Shilolo?

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You’re not going to get brain damage from a fever of 100. Read my post again please. I said to medicate if it runs too high or for too long.

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So ‘tis, so ‘tis. How unobservant of me.

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Ha ha! I miss things alot these days too!

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I agree with letting it run it’s course. I understand that there are only a very few diseases that can trick your body into running a fever so high it will cause brain damage.

So, in my mind, their are only two reasons to medicate a fever: 1) accompanying symptoms (dehydration) are endangering you, or 2) it’s instrumental and you’re willing to trade your body’s immune reaction (which is working to kill something inside you) for functionality—like getting through an important event, day at work, etc.—that you’re willing to trade for potentially longer illness.

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