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I wish to start exercising by bike-riding. But I am a man, are there any man-friendly bicycle seats out that that don't hurt the groin/butt area?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) June 27th, 2008
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It’s not so much the saddle that is the problem in most cases, but the shorts you are wearing. Don’t be cheap when selecting a pair of shorts. I suggest getting a nice pair of Pearl Izumi spandex shorts with a nice gel chamois. Don’t be afraid to spend upwards of $90 or more. Seriously, this makes all the difference.

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They make them. I’m 140 pounds and six feet tall. Most seats hurt me and my incredibly flat ass. I have found comfortable ones in the local bike-shop. Go to a small local place, they will have a better selection than Wal-Mart. The one I have now is more comfortable than the chair I am crafting this response on.

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Alas, tonight is Critical Mass here in San Francisco. It’s a magical time of month when our thoughts wander in the direction of bicycles.

I’ve found that after a few days of steady riding my ass doesn’t get sore any more, but I think I’m going to have to look into these better seats next month…

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@lemur, the point of the chamois is not to provide padding. It’s there to absorb moisture and reduce chafing. A decent saddle is the way to go.

Now, if you’re looking for Sunday-afternoon cruises, I might recommend something big and cooshy.

If you want something more aggressive and serious, then look for a saddle with a cutout to remove pressure on the perineum.

P.S. I would like to second @lemur’s recommendation to get some decent bike shorts. And you need not go skin tight from day one. There are bike shorts that are loose on the outside and tight spandex on the inside.

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This is a big deal to me too. Since no one thinks the conventional ones are comfortable, you’d think they would change them! Here is one example of some better designs.

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look for a gel seat cover

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The one robmandu pointed out with the cutout along the groin area should do the trick.

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If it’s any consolation to you, you will quickly develop toughened muscles, tissue, etc. on the toosh and will be used to the saddle in no time (if you plan to ride frequently).

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target sells a schwinn bike seat that is huge, like a exersice seat, and for only 20 bucks. Most or all of the riders weight is set on the butt “cheeks” not on the , well you know. It looks kind of goofy and more suited towards a senior citizen, but it works great.

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I highly recommend going to a nice bike shop and getting a fancy seat and shorts : )

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