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Why are lines around the block to buy marijuana in Denver but not at liquor stores?

Asked by Aster (20023points) January 12th, 2014

A huge marijuana “store” in Denver has people waiting outside to get in and the line goes around the block. The owners are making plans to build yet a second store. Why isn’t this happening at liquor stores? I hate to sound stupid but we are what we are.

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Because you can get booze anywhere, at any time.

There’s a bit of novelty in the brand new recreational pot store. Once the pot stores are everywhere and you can get happy brownies at Kroger, the craze will die down.

Also – proof this is good for the economy. Suck it, nonbelievers.

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Because liquor stores have already been around. Selling marijuana has just become legal. I’m not sure how well these stores will do, however, since I heard they are quite expensive.

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Supply and demand.

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You can walk into Safeway and get any booze you want. There aren’t that many pot stores.

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Cannabis is more difficult to attain for most people. Personally though with those types of taxes I would just grow it myself, like a cannabis style bootlegger. I think you can grow cannabis legally in Colorado too, like up to six plants I think.

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@dxs FWIW The stores in Denver are still cheaper than getting it illegally in NJ.

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I think once the original furor is over the traffic in and around pot stores will be similar to liquor stores.

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^^Four years later, I can walk into any pot store (they’re usually referred to as “dispensaries”) and be served within 5 minutes.

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When I go to the liquor store, I know what I want, as most people probably do. So I get it and check out. Fast, easy, quick. No waiting, no line.
But a pot store?? There would be so much to look at before buying, the time it took to make a decision, no wonder it takes so long to make a purchase, and no wonder the line to get into the place winds down the block.

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