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Do you help me to find the title of an old movie?

Asked by babycr (116points) January 12th, 2014

I’m looking for the title of a b/w movie (40’s/max50’s). I remeber the final scene: in a luxurious living room some dressy men and a woman excitedly argue until she extracts a pistol and shoots, killing, one of the men; soon after she phones the police saying something like: “come, I have just killed a man”... and the film ends. Thanks in advance!

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In what year was it made?

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I think the movie is of ‘40s

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By “dressy men”, do you mean that the men and the woman are in formal attire? Tuxedos, dinner jackets, tails? Is the woman wearing a long, slim gown cut on the bias? Shoulder pads? What kind of hair-do? Marcelled? Blond, brunette? Is the furniture Art Deco? Are people drinking martinis?

If you google “Best films noir of the 1940’s,” a really long list comes up, particularly after the war ended.

Can you provide us with more details? You have had an ongoing interest in old movies, I see. It’s a wonderful hobby.

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Oh, I love infinitely old american movies!!! Sorry for my slowness and imprecision but I’m italian… Unfortunately the memory of this film is only a flash of when I was little… Certainly the men wear some like smoking/tailcoat and the woman wear an evening gown. I don’t remember if she is blond or brunette; I imagine is a great actress like Joan Crawford, Bette Davis or Barbara Stanwyck…

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You need more plot details. There are just too many great film noir gems where some society dame “drops the hammer” on a man in a tuxedo.

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You are right but I cannot remember anymore! The peculiarity of this movie is that the murder and the call to the police are immediately before of the end of movie… Thanks!

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