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Does anyone believe in the power of the third eye?

Asked by jegonza89 (38points) June 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I have recently become very interested in the third eye also know as the all seeing eye. It has been a symbol used throughout history often meant to signify a higher sense of being. If its one thing that I know its that everything in this world makes sense, if it doesn’t then something is off in the equation. it is also used on the back on the dollar

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I think it’s a masonic symbol.

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You might want to look up some of Ernest Muldashev’s books on this. Some pretty fascinating findings.

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It actually refers to inner vision, not a “higher being” – seeing beyond the ordinary. I named my design business “3rd Eye Design” almost 20 years ago.

Taken metaphorically, it can be a useful idea. Just don’t go drilling holes in your head.

p.s. “Everything in this world makes sense”—really?

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You should go see the “Love Guru” it will tell you all you need to know.

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rofl.. when i saw this question, all i could think of what the love guru. i could never take the whole third eye thing seriously now.

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Actually, there are lots of strange things, scientific, spiritual, mythological and paranormal that refer to the “3rd eye”. There are meditation techniques and methods that supposedly increase your ability to utilize it and the gifts it offers.

I’m a major stoner, but I think you’re talking about the “all seeing eye” (back of a dollar bill) which is a masonic symbol. The third eye is something “the man” definitely doesn’t want you to develop!

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You are no doubt referring to the 6th chakra, which is a “New Age” interpretation of the Manas, or “mind” chakra in the Tantric and Vedic traditions.
As PnT stated, it has more to do with looking within than looking out.

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