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UK Jellies: What has been your experience of the Job Centre?

Asked by nebule (16436points) February 8th, 2014

Sorry it’s long… you can skip my story and jump to the last paragraph if you like!

I am currently on Job Seekers allowance and have been for six months now. I did have a job prior to that for three months; I worked for a toxicology company doing very basic admin (soul destroyingly awful) but had a very bad experience with my line manager. She bullied me for three months and it ended with me confronting her about a query with my holiday pay, which she totally overreacted to and refused to work with me. Because the work was drying up my line manager’s boss decided it would be best for them to make me redundant as the situation was unpleasant to say the least (cover it all up basically). Being in a vulnerable state I accepted the redundancy – I didn’t want to be bullied any more so that was my only option really.

I’m telling you this because I am currently looking for work but also doing a counselling course with a view to going on to do my Diploma so that I am qualified and have a proper career path. I am also looking into selling some of my paintings; creating my own business as I can’t get anywhere with job applications and besides which am terrified of working for someone else in the rat race. My admin experience is 7 years old as I’ve been looking after my son for the past 7 years. But during that time I gained a degree in Psychology and Philosophy.

I work really hard looking for jobs, spending hours filling in application forms and I also do voluntary work to help gain experience. HOWEVER, the job centre continue to give me a hard time and rarely recognise how much I’m trying to better myself. They give me little support and help.

So, I wondering what your experiences are of the job centre? I guess I am just reaching out. I feel so alone and so bullied by the world in general and the system. Are there any UK jellies out there currently going through the same thing?

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Job Centres are very depressing places in my experience and you can expect little help from them. I would go through the motions and co operate with them while exploring other ways of getting a job or earning money.

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I found them very helpful. I appreciated the courses they offered me and also study opportunity if I wanted. The lady I spoke to each fortnight was fantastic. She tried to encourage me and help where she could. I found the actual submitting CV’s quite good too as I got two interviews in a short time. Perhaps the person you are speaking to is not helpful? Could you ask for someone else? I did find though, the actual building depressing as there was often a bad vibe there.I am a British citizen but have lived outside the UK most of my life, so to me this was absolutely fantastic help and assistance. (Of which I am not used to).

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I see a different person every week, some are not so bad but the majority aren’t helpful. It’s just a lottery who I get. Ah well….

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I went for a few months a couple of years ago. I have worked for a long time and I was out of work because I moved areas. The people I spoke too were fine – but they did seem to know what a soul destroying job is like…

I did get a job in my field quite quickly, so I don’t know what it would be like long term. I did find, like @flutherother said, that I needed to satisfy their demands, but then they left me alone.

In terms of finding a job, there’s a fine balance between getting lots of applications in but then getting disheartened or not be at your freshest if you get an interview, and the opposite which is finding the perfect job and pinning all your hopes on it.

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