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So how about a minimum wage indexed for age?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) February 7th, 2014

Your minimum wage is raised the older you get. children, young adults, adults,, middle aged, senior ect.

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Old people would never get hired. This already happens but it would be worse.

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Two people do the same amount of work performing the same job, but one gets paid more just because he’s older? That’s a terrible idea.

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It would be difficult to justify such a policy,and there’s the onerous ramifications involved with age discrimination.

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Some countries do it. I have mixed feelings about it.

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Nope. At the least that would be age discrimination. But more importantly, I often see older people working minimum wage jobs harder and with more enthusiasm than much younger ones.

There’s a guy who’s been working for years at the supermarket near me, and he always looks busier and more engaged than some of the younger people. He’s 90!

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I like it better the way I spoke of on your other post. I wasn’t talking about rewarding age with wage. I just meant under 21, and the whole rest of the world. You are trying to classify all americans by age, which SO wouldn’t work. You are talking a sort of rewards program, but that’s what raises are for. I only meant that under 21, people are less experienced than the whole rest of the workforce. Employers are taking a real chance hiring them at all. They should not have to pay as much for some kid to come in asking to prove themselves, as someone who already has an established background.

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