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What do you do when a baby won't stop crying/screaming and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) February 11th, 2014

Watching my 4 month old grand baby. At one point, right after a nap, she started crying and crying. Changed her diaper, which wasn’t dirty or wet. She was happy as long as she was nakki and I was talking to her, but after that she started crying again.

Tried taking clothes off in case she was hot, then putting clothes on again. No change.

Tried cooing and talking to her. She screamed in my face.

Trying to feed her just made her angrier.

Walking around with her slung over my arm helped, but after 10 minutes my back started hurting. The the instant I sat down, even though she was still slung over my arm, she started screaming again.

After an hour and a half I finally moved her playpen into the bedroom, laid her down and shut the door.

She cried for about 15 more minutes then went to sleep, probably exhausted.

Man. Haven’t had to deal with that in 28 years, when my middle daughter did that. Nothing seemed to help.

What’s going on when babies do that? It is so sad, and it’s an awful, helpless feeling not to be able to help. :(

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Have you tried putting her in the car seat in the car and driving around? Easier on your back and perhaps less exhausting.


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^^ She meant nekkid. You know, like our pancake parties.

I’ve also heard of putting the baby carrier on top of a clothes dryer that’s going, they like the movement.

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No, I didn’t think of that, although I remember spending hours and hours driving my daughter around. It did work, until the minute the car was stopped. Today the roads are really bad too.

I only have an hour to go. If it starts to happen again I’ll try the dryer. (I’m exhausted.)

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Wait….it just hit me. I can’t do the dryer thing because I have a stack washer and dryer! LOL! Well, 50 minutes to go….

It’s like she has colic and I know they have things for that now. My daughter’s baby, Kale, had colic and she had drops that took care of it. But Zoey’s mom didn’t say anything about anything when she dropped her off and there is nothing in the diaper bag. She told me she was a calm baby….but that hasn’t really been the case from what I’ve seen when I visit and stuff. When she’s happy she’s a joy, that’s for sure.

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My son was unpredictable that way and what really seemed to work was to strip him down to a diaper and place him on a blanket and roll him up tight in his blanket. I called it the Burrito Boy fix. He was always so happy in that blanket and would dose right off.

I applaud you in putting her down and letting her cry herself to sleep. Hard to do but IMO necessary to help a child learn to develop independent self soothing techniques.

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I tried a shot of Whiskey @ragingloli, but all she did was kick my butt in pool.

I should have tried that @Cruiser. The twins always loved that too, but it’s not what Zoey’s used to. Don’t know if it would have worked because she doesn’t have the from-birth association for it. But I’ll keep it in mind next time.

I think the problem was she just didn’t get a very good, solid nap in because of the strange environment. After I put her in a dark, quiet room she slept really hard, then was just chirppy and chipper as could be after that.

Thanks you guys….

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sound proofing in the baby room

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If not colic then the baby was manipulating yu to pick her up (possible).
One of my kids did that until I figured it out, that I was being conditioned?
pets can do that too.

Is the child teething?

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Man, those little suckers start training you early.

Let the kid cry. Sometimes a kid is just in a pissy mood.

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When my daughter did that, I would put on some jazz (Stan Getz) and dance with her. This knocked her out after a while.

Sometimes I’d sing Blue Skies to her as well.

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Strip him down, strap him in the ring sling, and stick a boob in his mouth.

I understand you’re not a nursing grandmother, but that was my trick.

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When you have done all it might just be that she was tired and wanted to sleep. I have experienced this with my three sons. When I check everything [not hungry, not wet, not hurt etc.] and they are still crying/wining it’s time for a nap. Seems to work 8 out of 10 times.

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@cookieman Stan Getz is amazing!

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@Cruiser: I agree. Love him. My daughters loved the music so much, I hired a jazz quartet to play his music at her christening.

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@cookieman That is so cool!

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@livingchoice That appears to have been the trouble. I was a bit thrown, though, because she WAS taking a nap, and then she woke up and started crying. I finally moved her playpen to a dark , quiet room and let her cry herself to sleep. She slept a solid hour. I have a feeling her parents may walk around with her a lot, but my back wouldn’t let me do that!

There was also some miscommunication. Mom told me that they started putting about a tablespoon of rice in the bottle. She brought over a bottle, and two pre-made refill bottles. After she left I called and asked if she had already put rice in the bottles and she said yes.
However, after I refilled the bottle with formula from one of the other bottles, the formula was coming out really fast and the baby was choking….which pissed her off! I put a little more rice in it, but hesitated to do more. I mean, it’s not my kid! I don’t want to go too far outside of the parent’s parameters.
Well, as it turned out, she had only put rice in the one feeding bottle, but not in the two refill bottles. >_<. But she didn’t tell me that.

Anyway, I think next time will go smoother. Maybe I’ll unstack my washer and dryer too. :) I can see me, desperate, tearing apart the washer and dryer set! LOLL!!

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They need to invent a machine, or maybe they already have one, that is a flat plate, where you can put the baby carrier (down low on the floor) and it jiggles like a dryer or car ride.

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Boy, I was wishing for a baby swing yesterday!

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