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Stupid Question: How does a Verizon upgrade work?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15623points) February 11th, 2014

I’m due for my first upgrade with Verizon on September 11 of this year. I’m just wondering how that works.

Do I “sell” them my phone and they take that amount off of a new phone? If so, do they give you a decent amount or am I looking at getting $20 off of my next phone? Also, is the price of my new phone the “with 2-year contract” price since I’m re-upping or is it the full price?

My husband is visually impaired and his Droid Incredible’s 4-inch screen just isn’t cutting it. I want to get him the HTC One Max because it has a 5.9-inch screen. The “with 2-year contract” price is $300, but the full price is $600. I’m not paying $600 for a phone when he got this one for free with our contract.

So, if someone could explain this to me, that’d be great!

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Usually you keep the phone and they will swap over your phones contents to the new phone. You keep the old number and get the latest and greatest technology you can afford. Free or $50.00 upgrades are not much of an upgrade.

Watch battery power/useage on the new phones some charge down very quickly. I believe you can give the old phones to charity. I use an old phone as a file cabinet to store and catalog pictures of the ceramic pieces I make in ceramics class.

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@Cruiser Well, I know that you can trade in the phone and get money off of the new one, because I’ve had friends that have done so. I have no use for an extra phone – I’d rather get some money off of the new one. I don’t mind paying more than $50 for a new phone, but $600 is a bit steep. And what about my other question? Do I pay the reduced contract price or the full retail price when I upgrade?

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It depends on how you upgrade and what your plan is currently. If you either re-sign the contract (usually possible if you’re not currently on an unlimited data plan) or sign a new contract, you will get the ‘with 2-year contract’ price. You will only be charged the full cost of the phone if you do not re-sign and continue with a month to month plan. Since you mentioned ‘re-upping’, you’re probably good for the contract price.

And yeah, usually the re-selling is a kind of small amount, $10–30 depending on the phone. The new contract pricing will matter much more.

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When you go in to “upgrade” your phone you:

Keep your current phone and phone #. You can donate the phone or whatever you wish.

You change to the current rates and tariffs, it may mean a you lose unlimited data or something else changes for billing.

You pay the discounted price for the phone ( currently $99.00 ) and you extend your phone contract “NEW 2YR ACTIVATION REQ’D.” Cancellation charges may apply!


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What you get for your current phone depends on your phone and whether they have trade-in promotions. Without a promotion, you would get a very small amount or nothing for your current phone, depending on model and condition. I, personally, think you are better off keeping a functioning phone in case you ever damage or lose your new phone rather than get $10–20.

When you sign a new contract with them, you are subject to the new rates and policies.

You will pay the “with 2-year contract” price, as you will be signing a new 2 year contract.

You will also have to pay an upgrade fee (~$50/phone).

They will be very helpful and patient with all of your questions.

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What kills me with Verizon is what @Cupcake said, that you have to sign a new 2 year contract. That’s how they get you and that’s why I ended using Verizon a few years ago. Its’ like you’re perpetually locked into a contract with them.

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Well, to be fair @jca, that used to be true of all the major networks, and is still true of most of them. It’s only very recently that that’s changed, and now pretty much all of them (Verizon included) have ways around contracts if you want it. See Verizon EDGE

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