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What are the bugs in my yard making this high pitched humming noise?

Asked by zzztimbo (61points) June 30th, 2008

At first I thought it was my computer hard drive on the fritz. Now I know for a fact there is something outside making this high pitched noise. What could it be? Locust?

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Is it probably a cicada.

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If you live in the South, it is probably cicadas
Jinx: Beast!

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Cicadas don’t just live in the south. I live in Pennsylvania, and we have them here all summer long.

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I live in Southern California. Is there any way to make them stop that noise without killing them?

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thank you Beast…my bad :-)

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There’s no way to stop them. They tend to go away after a couple of months. There are thousands of them. And they hide well in the trees.

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The interesting thing about cicadas is that they hatch on a 17 year cycle. The reason you tend to hear them every summer is that different broods are on a different cycle, so the annoyance gets to you every year.

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@shilolo: That isn’t exactly true.
Some species do develop over 17 years, others 13, but most are on a much shorter cycle. It all depends where you are.

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@Les. Good point. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and the ones in my backyard were reportedly on a 17 year cycle.

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@shilolo: Yeah, we have the same ones in Chicago. I always thought they were so cool.

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Try the answers from this question from Rowenaz – 9 months ago. “”

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nasty little devils leaving there crunchy skins everywhere….uggh vomit in my mouth

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I like the sound. It just brings to mind pleasant, warm and cozy summer evenings. (My 16 year old daughter once was taking a shower, and mistook the muffled sounds of the cicadas she heard as the band Korn was playing a song! ROFL!!)

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