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Will you suggest a meaningful first birthday gift for my soon to be one year old nephew?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30874points) February 15th, 2014

Sister’s first child after trying for nearly a decade. I’d like to get Gabe something he can interact with now, but be worth keeping for down the road.

I’m lost. Please help!

Pocket knife just doesn’t seem appropriate. I’ll wait until he’s at least two years old for that.

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(Psst _ “nephew”) Books like “Pat the Bunny” or “Goodnight Moon.” A special stuffed animal. Stacking toys like Fisher Price’s rings on a post toys. A wading pool for the summer.

Coloma's avatar age one he will not have a memory of your gift so just find something fun, colorful, interactive and developmentally appropriate. The memories will be told to him via his parents. ” Oh, you just LOVED Uncle Freds toddler work bench and had to sleep with the hammer for months.” lol

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Maybe a stuffed toy that plays a lullaby via a built-in music box when you pull on a string? My sisters, cousins and I had these and we were all very fond of them. And you can select from a huge variety of different animals or shapes for Gabe, according to what you think he might like. :)

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My daughter’s absolute favourite first birthday present was a hand puppet,Ugly Bird was an enormous hit. Actually when I think of it she adored a set of plastic barrels of different colours and sizes that fit inside each other, same principle as Russian dolls.

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I second the stuffed toy that plays a lullaby.

I was given a stuffed dinosaur that plays “you are my sunshine” when I was born. We were inseparable for a few years, then I would still cuddle it every night for a few more years, and at 21 years old I still cherish it. I almost had a nervous break down when I thought he was broken (his neck also moves from side to side a little with the music), but luckily it was a false alarm. I loved him so much I took good care of him; his scales are a little worn from when I sucked on them for comfort as a baby, and the material a little worn around the winder for the music, but otherwise in mint condition and still plays perfectly. I named him “Rexaur” because I couldn’t say any of the real dinosaur names so mashed them together. I might share him when I have my own kids, but I think I won’t be able to and will keep him forever as my own special thing.

I’d think a good quality toy with a nice tune would be perfect :)

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A box. This is what I got the twins for their first birthday. A giant box covered in wrapping paper and hello kitty and Batman duct tape!

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Woops. Disregard box. It wouldn’t be meaningful or a keepsake!

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