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What is the reason for some jellies to ask "What does it mean if I dreamed about xxx"?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14948points) February 19th, 2014

So this question has already listed one of the least favorite questions here. Now let’s move to another one. What do you think is the reason behind the question “What does it mean if I dreamed about xxx”?

P.S: Sorry @Hypocrisy_Central for copyright infringement.

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It could mean that they got the hots for Vin Diesel. ;-)

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Often they are trolls and looking to stir up trouble and garner attention. Even though the specific details vary, there is a similarity in tone, style and intent plus a more mature writing style than the question suggests.

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Some people are genuinely curious about what their dreams mean.

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@Seaofclouds Agree, but what if “xxx” is “crush”? I think most people have the answer for that.

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@Mimishu1995 Well, in those cases, I think the asker usually has an answer they want to hear about things being meant to be, but they never get that answer here (unless someone is being sarcastic).

That being said, I was once very into dream meanings. For those that believe dreams have meanings for us in reality, there is a lot more to it than just who is in the dream. You have to look at all aspects of the dream.

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@Seaofclouds Now that I think about it… sorry, I should have changed “xxx” into “crush”. I don’t see anything wrong with asking about dreams, but what annoys me is that they already know the answer but still try to ask here (the same case as “Does x like me”)

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They wish to know if their dreams have any bearing on/in the real world.

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It seems to be a natural human desire to think that “things happen for a reason”. People want life to be like a good story, where things fall into place as they should (but with just enough drama to keep things interesting). It’s kind of like being actors in a movie where none of us actually has the script; we assume there is one, but we can only guess at what it is and play our roles based on how we think the story ought to go. We end up desperately looking for cues from some off-stage prompter. Dreams can seem like one of these cues: a hint about how the movie plot goes from here.

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Dreams often have a meaning that is hidden from the dreamer but without knowing the person it is difficult to say. What happens in our minds gives us all the meaning there is, why should we dismiss so lightly what the mind does at night?

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Dreams are a bunch of symbols that the persons mind has placed together in order to tell it’s conscious mind a story in code. It does this because of the ‘super ego’ being such a good soldier normally trashes the info’ before it can get there. I do not think dream questions are as stupid as a lot of people make out.

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It means the person asking is probably 16 or younger.

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A lot of them are probably hoping for validation that what they want to be happening in their lives is actually happening.

Most of them are about people that the OP has a crush on, or has been dumped by (although they still love the dumper). They want us to tell them that because they dreamed about Meagan or Rex, that Meagan and Rex actually love them. Even if they probably don’t (if we go by their details about the realities of the situation).

Dreams don’t mean anything, in and of themselves, but we dream of certain things because those things and ideas are in our waking life.

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@Kardamom They want us to tell them that because they dreamed about Meagan or Rex, that Meagan and Rex actually love them.
That’s ridiculous. I wish they would post questions asking about solution for their problems directly rather than this kind of questions.

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@Mimishu1995 I think the problem is that they are usually all so young and inexperienced that they don’t know what their problems are in order to ask for solutions directly.

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