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Lets have some fun! Care to help Arizona come up with a new slogan based on pending legislation there?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) February 22nd, 2014

We jellies were so helpful to Kansas!
Do you think we can do the same for Arizona, should the governor sign the new anti-gay bill?

How about, “Welcome to Arizona, where you Azz better be your own!”

Try to keep on point, keep it light and lets not flame (we could be refused service!) Agree or disagree with the legislation, but keep it in slogan form?

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There won’t be any welcome signs. There’s just these booths at the border where they search you and let you in solely based on your race/ethnicity and now your sexual orientation.

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Entering Arizona The Grand Wizard state.

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You are now entering Cunt-Central.

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Welcome to Arizona! If you are attempting to enter our state from California, you must turn around, drive up North through Nevada, then East over to Utah and come in from that direction. Otherwise you’d be entering from the Back Door, and we don’t allow that here. Have a nice gay day : )

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Welcome to Arizona. Home of Bats and Batshit Crazies.

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Say it ain’t so, Joe (Arpaio).

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Fuck it, all those flat, square states are pretty much the same.

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Welcome to Arizona, where the only rainbow you’ll see here hangs over our shotgun wedding shack.
(no fucking in the shack)

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Welcome to Arizona: No shirt, no shoes, no gays, no service

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We Don’t Serve Skittles!
Go taste the Rainbow somewhere else

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Arizona, a strictly no Arsezone…anal authorities exempt.

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Sign at Arizona/New Mexico state line: “Next proctologist 700 miles in California”

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Heard Kansas and Arizona want to get married.

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Arizona, no prick-ley pairs here.

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I wonder if they will outlaw the addictive snack food called Flaming Hot Cheetos?

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Arizona: one of the last frontiers where the cowboys have not been reduced to sheep.

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Arizona. Next goal: Reinstating Slavery.

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Arizona: Gay Immigrants get fucked one way or another.

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Not again!
Welcome to Arizona, a long-time loving loyal fan of Kansas.

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“Arizona: AZ not, tell not.”

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“Arizona: Our necks are red, our humor’s dry, the Homo’s that visit us are none too bright.”

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“Azzzzzzzzzzz…the state where you can sleep through modern mores.”

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Arizona – Now more Russian than American.

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I read an article recently where someone said Arizona is the Uganda of the US (backwards, intolerant, racist)...

Its a shame because the state has some breathtaking scenery….and as a border state with Mexico it has the potential to set a good example instead of an atrocious one for American openness and tolerance.

I also read that there are some public schools there that are in unbelievably bad shape. They should not be scaring away vital tourist dollars and immigrant labor dollars with their insular views.

I have relatives in Arizona, so not too unfamiliar with it…

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Well, THAT was fun, @NanoNano.


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Thanks ibsturbo. Good to see you active out here.

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Really, why single out Arizona? America might have become a sane first world country if it was agreed that everything west of the Louisiana Purchase would just be a national park forever.

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I’d have to exclude California in that botwerk, the “fifth largest economy in the world”...

Otherwise, we do spend alot of effort bringing water to the desert…

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The size of California’s economy owes more to the size of its population than anything exceptional about California.

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“OMG, look at THIS question!

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@ibstubro your link didn’t go anywhere.

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Yeah, it did, @Dutchess_III. Back to this question, just so happens it didn’t take us to the top of the page where is says, “Lets have some fun!” This was not designed as a discussion question, a debate question or a serious dialogue question. It’s a “thoughtful fun” question if I ever saw one.

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