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Why not show the avatar or username of the person who's been moderated?

Asked by flo (10479points) February 26th, 2014

I would find it helpful actually, if that was my post/repsonse that was moderated.

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@flo Would you not know that your answer is no longer where you just left it??

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@Cruiser if I just posted it or recently enough or if there hasn’t been lots of posts in the same thread or if the answer couldn’t go under more than one OP, etc.
Some people may not like to be identified as having been moderated it may be embarassing to them, but I for one would have no problem with it.

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It used to be that way. I only find it useful to see whether or not it was something I said.

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For those who might not know, the site is no longer being developed in any way; therefore, even if the majority agree that letting the avatar be visible would be preferable, it can not be changed.

I think it is better that the moderated comments remain anonymous, as it could result in skewing others’ opinions about members, it they saw that a user had a high number of moderated comments.

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They used to show it years ago. I remember the shock everyone else had the first time I got modded.

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_”....they say that a user had a high number of moderated comments.” I would have no problem with that.

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@flo – I’m sure there are those who wouldn’t be inclined to form an opinion based on how much they’d had moderated, just as I’m sure there are those who would.

I do remember when the avatars were visible. I did not realize that it had changed. Honestly, your asking this question made me go and check!

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@flo You and me both but I don’t loose sleep over the fact that it is just me and the mods who know it was my answer that was erased. The reality is 99.99% of what we say here is fleeting and in the moment and 45 seconds later most if not all here have already forgot or didn’t notice or read it even if it stayed.

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I agree with @hearkat. I can see no point in showing them.

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I think it would be distracting from the original discussion. Users would, and have in the past, focus on the person who was modded, rather than answering the question. People would be saying “Mimishu what did you say to get modded” rather than answering the question. Since people don’t know who’s comment was modded (unless they saw it first), they can’t ask them directly what they posted. Sometimes they might still make a general comment about wondering what was modded, but they can’t specifically ask someone what they said since they don’t know who said something to begin with.

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That function got binned a long time ago, not returning anytime….ever.

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Back when the avatar remained visible on modded comments, the reason for the modding wasn’t given. People would see that @so_and_so had a comment removed, but not why.

Showing both the identity and the reason for removal smacks a little of public shaming. People already get bent out of shape if one of their posts is removed because it looks like a public reprimand, even though only the participants in the thread are likely to remember who posted it and what it said. Imagine how much stronger the outcry would be if an indelible mark was going to be left linking them to “flame-baiting” or “personal attack”.

Frankly, it’s already quite difficult for the mods to remove a post. Believe it or not, we really do agonize over this stuff. If it also meant permanently stigmatizing a user, , that would add an unnecessary complication to the whole business.

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“I’m sure there are those who wouldn’t be inclined to form an opinion based on how much they’d had moderated.” Yes but I mean I wouldn’t have a problem if people fom an opinion of me based on how much I got moded.

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@thorninmud wow okay then. What if only for those who want it, as in, on my profile I would click on my “show moderation” if there were such a tab?

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@flo It has the potential to lead to way to much trouble. People already hold grudges as it is, showing the people could lead to more trouble. Honestly though, why would you want your moderation to be shown? Though since there is no development, it’s really a moot point. If the developers were to come back for development, I’d hope it would be for something better than this.

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If the user is the one who chooses to be shown there is no grudge to be held.
“Why would you want your moderation to be shown?” For practical purposes, on top of the fact that there is no public shaming issue for me.

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@flo I don’t think it’s that simple. Perhaps I’m thinking to much about the what ifs that could happen, but people keep enough track of who does what on Fluther as it is. If moderation was shown, I could easily see users complaining about things like “Well @flo has been moderated 50 times, why am I getting a warning/suspension/whatever when I’ve only been moderated 10 time”. Overall, it just really seems like a bad idea to me.

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What I think is that if one’s post was modded, it should be notified to the person that it was, and why. This way you could know why you got modded, and be saved the humiliation of everyone knowing about it. That is, in respect to the given rules which currently operate.

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@Symbeline ”...and be saved the humiliation of everyone knowing about it.”
if the user is the one who wants to be shown as moded there can’t be humiliation.

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@Symbeline And re. “What I think is that if one’s post was modded, it should be notified to the person that it was, and why.” I agree, especially if the post was given back to edit it. And I don’t mean the ones like “What the F?” kind.

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I’ve always wondered about this too. I wanted to see the name of the trolls who were frequently flaming me in some of my questions. Don’t do this to them on their questions now :)

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I think it was @gailcalled, who posted something like “What if it is a secularly held sinciere belief.” I thought it was under this OP , but I don’t see it. I’m wondering if I dreamt seeing it.

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I was wrong it was not @gailcalled. I found who posted it.

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“I wanted to see the name of the trolls who were frequently flaming me in some of my questions.”

How do you know that they were flaming you, and not someone else?

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@Brian1946 Because there were many times when I did have the chance to view the trolls (oops I meant some of the upstanding users on here) before their shots at me were moderated, those who always seem to target certain users. The same users who repeatedly take cheapshots at me, even just in posts, without directly mentioning my name, but always mysteriously end up making posts directly under mine.

I’m sure there are a few others who know what I’m talking about here. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but these are same users who do not think a second thought before criticizing or belittling other users, and sometimes for the most lamest reasons. Also, these same users throw tantrums when someone disrespects their questions. I had always thought that respect was supposed to be a two way street.

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