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Computer driven vehicles?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12937points) March 6th, 2014

How come man kind has the technology to build a computer driven vehicle, that can drive down the road and not crash, but the majority of that same man kind doesn’t have the skill to drive that same car down the road manually without crashing?

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To err is human.

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Computers don’t drive while texting, or high on medications, booze and or illegal substances.

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Humans only have 2 eyes, have limited visibility and response time, have reduced performance when they are tired, hungry, or sad, have a habit of blinking and sneezing, and are inferior drivers in every way to even the most simple of self-driving car designs.

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The computer driven cars knows that the other cars will do in nanoseconds, it can see the road digitally before it gets there and formulate plans to avoid any hazards, it responds quicker on the fly to hazards on the road like a blowout, ball or dog crossing its path, etc. The computer is not clouded by Jack, his brother Jim Bean, or their cousin Bud.

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Computers are also impervious to screaming kids giving a beat down to each other in the back seats….“Maaaaaaa….he keeps touching me! Daaaaad….he keeps making faces at me….tell him to stop looking at me!”

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^^ I’m not touching you, not touching you! {While waving hands in your face.}

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Maaaaa!!! @Juels took my Ipad and won’t give it back! Eeeeewww!! she just licked my arm!! Maaaaaaa!!

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Sorry, dude, but mankind, on the whole, are all freakin” loony!

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I’d be more than happy to let a computerized car drive my Miss Daisyness. lol

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@kritiper well yeah,but still wondering we can build it, but we can’t drive it manually.

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So far, mankind has the ability to build a car that can drive on certain roads, under certain circumstances, and with close human supervision.

Once those cars are perfected, it will be within our individual to modify them with custom programs suited to our individual needs. Popular customizations are sure to be:
*“Old Geezer that Drives 15 MPH Under the Limit as long as the Limit is Over 20 MPH.”
*“Pace the Blindspot.” [Front and rear options.]
*“Top the Limit in Two-lane Passing Zones, ONLY.” [Can be combined with Old Geezer]
*“Pace the Slow Car in the Driving Lane.” [Four-lane option, only.]
Purchase multiple programs, and the optional changer, and your can set your car for “Erratic,” totally changing it’s driving strategy in as little as every 15 minutes (less would be un-safe!).

As with pedestrians, we’ll only be able to guide peoples driving, not control it.

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@SQUEEKY2 I once envisioned a world where cars were part of a mass public transit system and not individually owned. The cars would follow a cable in the roadway, and send/ receive communications from the cable. Vehicles would be held in reserve when the traffic load was light and infused back into the system as the need increased. Sort of like the way the spleen stores excess blood in the body. There would be no traffic jams, no traffic lights. All traffic would move smoothly along. The windows would always be clean, the seats never torn, no snot (or shit) anywhere, no dirty diapers stuffed in the waste receptacle or other nooks and crannys, no gum appearing magically all over your best suit… Ah, the perfect world!
And then there’s this world! The car’s interiors would have to be fully washable witrh water and would have to dry instantly. This would take care of odors from smelly, unwashed people, cooties (!), vomit, and other unpleasantries.
Drive our own? Some of us can. Some of us. Every damn day is a crap shoot! What cha gonna do??

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Well…at the rate we’re going as a species, I think it’s time to go back to donkey carts.
If your donkey breaks down you just shoot it, no $100 an hour labor charges to repair donkeys. haha

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Assuzu. lol

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It’s impossible for humans to know exactly what the other drivers of the car are doing or where they are going. Computer driven cars would be more of a network and every car would know the exact route of the others.

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