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Can you hear everything funny 3 year old Maleo is saying to his mom about a cupcake?

Asked by flo (13313points) March 12th, 2014

How funny is it?

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Is this what you’re referring to?

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@dxs Thanks I just edited to add. for other people. You’re fast.

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He had no right to disobey his mom….but should she spank him?

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He is just copying his dad or something.

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I guess no one finds it funny/adorrable. I don’t think he should be spanked, or even close.

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Oh sh*t. Here we go. More hitting and shitty parenting. It’s not cute. Most parents should should have just adopted a dog or a fish instead of pretending they were going to try to parent.

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That clip made me sad. Smart kid and a mother who apparently has no idea how to deal with him.

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I find it adorable in a really regretful way. He probably learned how to act like this from the mom.

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This child is obviously playing off the attention he is getting from his mom. IMO most kids act out just to get attention…any attention even if it means getting a “Ka-Pow” on his butt apparently he and his brother get from mom and dad.

One thing I learned the hard way having kids is they are a mirror of your words and actions. Sorry mom…but as cute as you think your son is here….his words and actions reflect an unsettling environment he is being raised in.

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What if Maleo knows about Rob Ford?

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