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Do you or friends like the Nutribullet and why or why not?

Asked by Aster (18198points) March 23rd, 2014

I’ve read a lot of reviews on tv’s Nutribullet and can’t figure out if I want one. On tv they say it makes a liquid but on youtube the results are thick like a smoothie. I have a Vitamix so I don’t need anything to make smoothies. Do you have a Nutribullet?

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The what?
I demand an explanation.

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I don’t have one but I don’t see it as being any different than any other small sized blender.

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I know a woman who had a compulsion to buy the endless line of crap featured on tv infomercials. Her family took the extraordinary remedy (so they thought) of eliminating television from the household. This was in the 70s. I have no experience with the nutribullet, and wouldn’t know where to find someone who owns one. I have a very jaundiced view of MOST things pimped on late night television.

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It is also “pimped” in Bed, Bath and Beyond, and other stores.

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@Aster This being the case, perhaps it is a quality product. If it’s made it to mainline outlets, there must be a large demand for the thing. I don’t know anyone who owns one (that I know about).

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