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Is there a pdf reader with an ibooks style "look-up" function ?

Asked by Staalesen (2722points) March 23rd, 2014

On my Ipad Ibooks and other pdf software have a handy function for looking up the definition of a word. Is there any pdf reader for windows that has something similar?

I work a lot with english pdfs, and while i am a decent english speaker, some words often need clarification, so such a program would be really helpfull if it exists.

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This is a feature on Macs as well. It works in your browser, pdf reader, most chat clients, etc.

It looks like WordWeb is the closest thing for Windows.

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You could try an add-on for Firefox that allows you to look up a word, since Firefox can open PDFs as well, and it’s cross-platform :)

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Try Calibre. I use it for converting ebooks, but I’m pretty sure it reads PDFs too.

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Well, after trying out some of the suggestions for a while I find that, sadly, none of the were perfect in my eyes, so I guess ill just keep looking :) (or get a mac eventually)

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