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If a Western nation or society has a practice that is seen as barbaric and archaic, how can it call the practice of another nation or society barbaric when it is all opinion?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26780points) March 23rd, 2014

Be it female circumcision, male circumcision to do it or not is basically dictated by society, or the populace. If done by one’s faith there really need be anything said of it. Labeling it as gross, barbaric or anything such, is opinion, and does nothing to make it a worse practice, than say abortion. People who relabeled the unborn as mere tissue, can reconcile abortion as eliminating tissue, to others that is killing a life. Circumcision of males as barbaric and unnecessary but it all comes down to custom, and the will of the parents to follow it. How it is one who has a custom considered barbaric claim another has a barbaric when it is just one opinion against another?

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Here is the bullshit propaganda brainwashing @Hypocrisy_Central should have included in his trolling question. Just in case you wanted to know how the insane justify things.
I refuse to dignify this with discussion.

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Simple answer, different countries and cultures have different beliefs, morals, and laws. It doesn’t make one more right or okay than another unless you are a member of one of those areas or agree with their belief/morals. It doesn’t matter what the issue is.

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How is this question any different from the one you asked yesterday?

And do you plan to listen to any of the answers today?

My answer here is the same as it was there: abortion is not murder. The two topics have nothing in common, except as hobby horses for men who feel outrage at women’s autonomy.

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Your logic makes no sense. Abortion and circumcision are different.

The mere fact that both trees and houses stand on the ground, doesn’t prohibit us from distinguishing between them. The fact that abortion and circumcision both are decisions made by others than the subject of the procedure, doesn’t make them the same.

In that sense, if you don’t understand that, then when you are against abortion, you should also be against death penalty and imprisonment. If you can see the difference there, though, then you should also be able to see the difference here.

For the rest, this is just thinly disguised anti-abortion dribble and I feel dumber for having read this question.

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An unborn fetus isn’t a “child.” You can personify it like Disney does to animals, trees, bugs etc, but that doesn’t mean it’s a person. It’s the moral equivalent of pulling he plug on a brain-dead adult on life support. Neither has the mental capacity to be a person—in one case the brain was damaged, and in the case of the fetus, it hadn’t even developed a brain with higher-level thinking yet.

I get that some people see things differently, but they better have some amazing fucking evidence/logic to override my opinion (and others who share it) and force their beliefs on everyone.

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