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Do you tip online delivery drivers that has free delivery?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24458points) February 22nd, 2023

I have a Dash pass Door Dash yearly membership that gives me free delivery and reduced service fees.

I wonder if I should still leave a $5—$10 tip?

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I live in a culture that doesn’t take tips seriously so I may not be a good person to ask, but personally I haven’t come across any true free delivery. “Free delivery” is just the coded word for “reduced delivery fee”. And even then it’s still a hefty amount of money, and to even get that privilege you have to jump through hoops to get the coupon.

The food delivery is much more merciful and I do score “free delivery” often. But then they have the service fee which you can do nothing about and can be really hefty. So sorry, by the time I complete my purchase I’m already too drained out of my money to tip.

If you think the delivery man is doing a good job, then you can tip them as a gift of gratitude. Just don’t spend too much though.

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I do. The tip means a lot to the delivery person but does not impact me at all.

I even try to tip the Amazon driver if I can catch them. If I can’t then I write a short compliment.

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The last few times I ordered delivery from the local indian restaurant, before I switched to Hello Fresh, the delivery person was actively refusing the tip. Not sure why.

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My initial response was, “don’t you tip the pizza deliver person?” and since I would tip he pizza person, I tip other meal delivery people. And I tip a modest amount compared to what I tip in a restaurant.

If I go out to dinner, my tips are in the 20 – 25% range. For food delivery, it is in the 10 -15% range.

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Every time. They are taking their time, using their car and their gas to pick up your food. Door Dash pass is not meant to free you from tipping.

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YES, I do!!! The “free delivery” means that the restaurant is “hiding” the fee that they are charging. The driver is using their own vehicle & still have to pay for fuel, insurance, tires, & other wear & tear. Doing deliveries is hard on their vehicle & all it takes is one breakdown to wipe out any profit made. If I’m not willing to tip, I don’t go out to eat nor do I have it delivered!!!

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Yes. Free delivery was assumed until 10 or so years ago. Pizza Hut started charging first, as far as chain pizza joints. All of the Chinese restaurants delivered at no charge, but about the same time they started requiring a minimum order. We don’t eat any of that so it’s been years since we ordered in prepared food.

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Free delivery only means that the restaurant doesn’t charge a delivery fee, it has nothing to do with the driver. I know that in this day and age it’s not a lot, but I tip between $3–5 for pizza delivery and $5–7 for grocery delivery. If I had more income, I’d give more.

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Yes. Especially if you want the best service.

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