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OK. So everyone seems to agree that there is no God and no Miracles nor the Hollywood ending, right?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5449points) April 3rd, 2014

But how come all my money says “In God We Trust” all over it? Wassup wit dese politicians? Don’t they ever communicate with any scientists?
And how come my country is “One Nation Under God?”

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If there was no belief like that then there would be all those crazy theists who are just too narrow-minded to believe anything not God-related and all those “wars for God” and many many other bullshit!

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“Everyone seems to agree that there is no God”??

I wish. Do not tease like that.

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“So everyone seems to agree that there is no God”

Where do you live? It can’t be America. I live in the US and most US citizens are hardcore devout Christian. If anything, its the other way around. Agnostics and atheists are the ones not taken seriously by the majority.

This doesn’t seem to be a serious question, but I will say, any logical person doesn’t have to care who follows what or if they’re religious or atheist. What others believe in shouldn’t matter towards what you believe in.

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I can’t speak for everyone else, but, yeah, I agree.

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Wassup wit dese theories, man?

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@gailcalled Not just theories….we are back in that worm hole of generalizations again.

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It is only fitting that those logos are plastered all over the coins and bills, since the one true god we all are compelled to trust and forced to worship is MONEY.

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No, your country is ‘Murica and has a slogan that professes belief in God.

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There is no god, there are no miracles and Miraclewhip is just aerated mayonnaise.

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If coffee tastes good, then why are there so many birds on my front lawn?

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Actually the coins engraving is a typographical error.

It was originally supposed to be a short phrase about how iron oxidizes when exposed to water. But the typesetter screwed up.

It was supposed to say IN GOD WET RUST

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serious answer:
“In God we trust” was added to the money in 1956.
“under God” was added to the pledge in 1954.

Both of them were Cold War Propaganda measures to separate the Colonies from the “godless Soviet Union”.

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