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How good are you at playing the dynamics of other people's lives against your own?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30874points) April 6th, 2014

Betty has a daughter in rehab.

Bill has an overbearing boss and co-workers with bad breath.

When you socialize with them, do you allow for their particular life issues to influence your relations with them?

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When you socialize with them, do you allow for their particular life issues to influence your relations with them?

Unless they’re blind and were born without any limbs, no. Everyone has their problems.

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Well, if someone complains about the breath of others often, I’d probably be more likely to pick up a roll of Certs on my way to their house for a barbeque.

I wouldn’t make addiction jokes around Betty.

Is that what you’re talking about?

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I might if they did something really awkward or crass – I would think that they did it because they were going through a bad patch. if they continued beyond the time I thought reasonable to recover from their issue, I would be less forgiving if I didn’t really like them. Or try to help them if I did like them.

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@Seek “Is that what you’re talking about?”

Yes, I think so. An employee has become very angry and bitter from a situation in her personal life. Been going on for months. I’m trying to weigh her situation against the necessities of her job, but her temper is offending customers more than ever.

I would have fired any other employee for such action. But I’m hoping to help her through this bad time. How can I do this when she drives customers away?

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That’s hard. I commend you for your compassion.

If she is actually driving customers away, though, it must come to an end. She should be counselled, privately, that while you understand and sympathise with her, things must change.

Having a bad week is one thing, having it go on for months is enough to give your business a bad reputation. She needs to check her personal life at the door. It’s not like she’s the only person with a fucked up life that still has to do their job, you know?

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Yeah. You’re right. Thanks.

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sympathy is great but we all have issues and must rise above them. I’d explain my position once then move on.

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