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When were you wrong?

Asked by Smashley (4933points) April 9th, 2014

I’ve been wrong plenty of times, but a couple moments stand out to me, like realizing JFK was absolutely killed by a single gunman, firing from the book depository, or realizing that vegetarianism just wasn’t healthy for me. The wronger we are, the harder it can be to accept it, but occasionally there are moments of clarity, and our troubled minds admit defeat and regroup.

When have you realized how wrong you were, and how did it change your life?

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When I was a small child, I was pro america. I was so, so wrong.

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@ragingloli Haha hard to imagine that.

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Thursday August 23rd 1999 around tea time, those purple shorts were a huge mistake.

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@ragingloli – was it a gradual shift, or was there a moment when it hit you?

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I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

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I was wrong from about age ten to age 22.

I got better.

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I was wrong when I thought homosexuality was a choice and judged my best friend. She died before I got a chance to make amends.
@ragingloli , America wasn’t even formed when you were a child. America is only a little over 200 years old!

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I unfairly and incorrectly judged a dear friend as a hypocrite with double standards among other things. I was wrong and lost a very good friend because of my stupidity.

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It was a gradual awakening.

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I don’t understand @Smashley Are you saying that ”realizing JFK was absolutely killed by a single gunman, firing from the book depository…” was right or wrong?

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I thought getting this contract would be a fun and rewarding experience. I was half right.

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I was wrong many times in the ways I managed or didn’t manage my staff.

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I thought that doing science in college (as my parents suggested) would get me a well paid job, rather than pursuing art (which I loved). Biggest mistake of my life.

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As a stubborn and hard-headed individual, I don’t usually realize I’m wrong until I’ve had time to reflect. I’m wrong, or at least wrong in my delivery, all the time. I have gotten used to the taste of crow, with a side of my foot. I have no pride and no issues with apologizing when I care for someone.
If you count getting lost then I was wrong yesterday. I haven’t really interacted with anyone today, so I think I’m good so far…

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Never, obviously.

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@Dan_Lyons – I’d cultivated quite a conspiracy mindset over the preceding decade, without much of a real logical framework for it. When I saw Peter Jennings’ “Beyond Conspiracy” it all congealed in my mind and I realized the misinformation I’d taken for granted, like Oliver Stone’s telling of the “magic bullet” which is totally inaccurate and frankly dishonest. I realized just how wrong I’d been. Sure you can argue about the identity of the shooter and their motives, but the lone gunman theory, I discovered, is really the only one that makes sense. I think that was the start of my journey into skepticism and critical assessment of claims.

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I don’t really think I have ever been truly “wrong.” I have learned lessons, I have made choices that seemed right in the moment but ultimately caused me more hardship in the long run, but none of these things were “wrong.” We are all just winging it, learn as you go.
I guess you could say I was “wrong” for holding onto my house and property after losing my work in 2010 because I didn’t want to give up my animals and rural lifestyle that I treasured.

Was it “wrong” to hold out hope, not sell my life off piece by piece , hope to find new employment, run up my credit cards and blow throguh my savings over a 3 year period because I kept hoping I could find a way to make things work?
No, it was not “wrong”, so maybe I “should” have given up the ghost and cashed out and moved to some funky apartment, but I didn’t.
Do I regret hanging on as long as I was able. No.

I don’t should on myself, I do the best I can in the moment.
As far as people and relationships go, nope, again not wrong. Everyone I have let go of in my life I did for sound reason. No grudge holding, just time to move on.

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As a woman, I can safely state that I am never wrong.

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@Juels Only to hubby. Or your child. :)

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Rule 1; I’m never wrong.

Rule 2; If I’m wrong, refer to rule 1.

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@Coloma – Thanks for the heartfelt response. Yes, hindsight puts our decisions in perspective, and sometimes we regret the choices we have made, though I wouldn’t say that makes them “wrong.” We’ve all just tried to get by with the information we had, filtered through the hopes/dreams/beliefs of the people we were.

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It happens so often that it’s impossible to track.

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