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Some people on here think i'm short even though i'm 5'10? What do you think?

Asked by boristhemanishere (17points) April 29th, 2014

I don’t feel short at all though lol

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Well I am 6’5” and I consider myself normal height, except when I try to drive or take a bath. Yes I consider yourself short.

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We are fucking with you. You are totally normal. And lucky considering your parents height.

I am too. My mom is 5’3” and my dad was 5’8”. I am 6’ 0”. I get a lot of mailman jokes tossed my way.

Edit :: Matt Damon is also 5’10”

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@johnpowell hahah

@boristhemanishere Why don’t you Google, “Average human height.” Maybe you’ll feel better about yourself afterwards

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Why should i google something stupid like height

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5’10” is a great height.

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Well, shit. He already deleted his profile before I could welcome him. Sensitive chap, wasn’t he?

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@GloPro He knew how to use the site, so I believe that he is still here, under a different name.

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OK, that’s it… All young men 5’10” line up… We’ll weed you out so I can welcome you, dammit.

@Eggie… Well?!?

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5’9” is average male height. I’m 5’10” also. Is 37 considered young?

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Back in line, mister. You are definitely in the running. I am reviewing past questions for insecurities as we speak.

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Can we refer him to that other dude who was obsessed about being short? I can’t remember his name but he swore that 90% of all women only dated men who were 6’ or over, of flawless good looks and very wealthy.

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